Hotel booking apps have become a new hue in this digital era, and people actively use them for convenience. For instance, Hilton Honors is a well-known hotel booking app that delivers an excellent user experience, great flexibility, top-notch security, etc. 

The growing popularity of hotel booking apps enables business owners to hire a hotel booking app development company to turn their app idea into reality. The first question that concerns every entrepreneur is how much building a hotel booking app costs.

The blog has mentioned a complete breakdown of the hotel booking app development based on the different phases.

Hotel Booking App Development Cost for Different Phases

  • Discovery Phase

Start the development process of your hotel booking app with the discovery phase, where entrepreneurs should identify their app ideas, goals, and objectives. This stage is integrated with market research & app prototyping, and cost varies at each step. 

The average cost of developing a hotel booking app at the discovery stage can cost you between $15,000 to $20,000; also, the cost may change as per the app’s complexity. 

  • Begin the App Development Process

Once you define your hotel booking app’s goals & objectives, you can move forward with the actual development process. In this stage, the app professionals will start doing the coding, and this is when you will pick the suitable app platform based on your business requirements. 

The iOS or Android operating system for a hotel booking app development will cost you more than $50,000. It might cost you more than expected if you want to add more advanced features to your app for a better user experience. 

  • Hotel Booking App Security

Another important factor that affects the mobile app development cost is security. 

Maintaining the app's security is important because it builds trust in users, ensuring that their information is saved. It results in an improved customer base, so investing in maintaining the hotel booking app security is a must. 

Entrepreneurs spend nearly $70 to $320 on a monthly basis for hotel booking app development security. Building trust in users is imperative as it will encourage them to add their personal information, like phone numbers, credit/debit card details, and personal addresses. 

  • Mobile App Testing

App testing is another cost-affecting factor for your hotel booking app, and you must invest in app testing to maintain the app’s performance. The QA team of the app development company eliminates errors or glitches to deliver a flawless user experience. 

The quality assurance team follows a proper testing technique to ensure your hotel booking app’s reliability, usability, and stability. The estimated cost of hotel booking app testing ranges between $5,000 to $10,000. 

  •  Post-Delivery App Maintenance

You must provide post-delivery app maintenance to keep your hotel booking app installed in your potential users for longer. You can offer app maintenance based on the latest market trends, feature updates, or the latest version of the iOS or Android platform. 

The estimated hotel booking app maintenance cost is around 20% of the entire app development cost. Suppose you have built your app for $100,000; you will spend nearly $20,000 for its maintenance. 


You must know there is no definite cost to developing a hotel booking app because it depends on various factors. The more advanced features you add to your hotel booking app, the more money you need to spend; however, it will be worth the investment. 

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