React Native and ReactJs are two popular frameworks used for web application and mobile application development. But their similarity in name and origin some time it makes confusion.

Web and mobile app development technology are upgrading day by day and including new technologies and tools for giving better outputs. React Native and React Js both are one of that new and updated technology, but instead of their name similarity both work differently. Both are open-source frameworks and are extensively used by mobile app development and web development companies

React Native and React Js both are Facebook-originated technology and undoubtedly make a robust mobile app and web app development. The main difference between the two is their functionality and critical intention.


What is React Native?

React Native help to build a native mobile application for Android app development, iOS app development, Windows app development, and more. Like ReactJs it also has reusable components that can run on many platforms.


What is ReactJs?

ReactJs is a JavaScript library that is used for creating single-page web applications and mobile apps. ReactJs support building the viewable layers of a web application with reusable components. ReactJs is best for creating an interactive and dynamic user interface.


Difference between React Native and ReactJs

1. Setup and process

ReactJs is a JavaScript library used for web application development it is easy to install. ReactJs can’t support natively mobile devices, that’s why need to use third-party toolkits or platforms to build a mobile app with ReactJs.

Whereas React Native is a mobile app development framework used for creating cross-platform applications. Compare to ReactJs, React Native is difficult to set up or install.


2. Expertise

ReactJs is more structured than React Native when showing dynamic content because of ReactJs support a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) that enables fast performing times.

On other hand React Native work with real DOM, which can slow down the performance while working on complex pages.


3. Technology

ReactJs is based on JavaScript and React Native is Objective-C or Java-based framework. Also, ReactJs uses a virtual DOM that could slow down than working with the actual DOM API.


4. Feasibility

ReactJs is best for web app development whereas React Native is better for mobile app development. Both frameworks are feasible for application development as per the requirement of the project.


5. Compatible

ReactJs use the JavaScript library for creating user interfaces and supporting multiple browsers. In contrast, React Native framework is used for native mobile app development and is computable with only iOS and Android platforms. React Native delivers a better user experience due to its native components.


6. Storage

ReactJs is a better choice for high-performance data storage projects like dynamic web applications. Whereas, React Native is best for scalable projects and does not need to require large data storage. Also, React Native is support offline storage and cross-platform compatibility.


Bottom line

React Native vs ReactJs both frameworks are open-source and work well for both of their related fields. It is always advisable to approach a specified React Native development company or React Js development service provider that provides a better solution for your related project. Both Reacts Native and ReactJs offer a dynamic and responsive user interface with high performance and user friendly. ReactJs has the benefits of SEO friendliness on other hand React Native has a stable and support in its library.