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There’s a lot of talk these days about the potential of the “blue world city.” This is an urban area that is designed to be more environmentally friendly, with features like naturally lit streets and fewer cars. The Blue World City Sports Valley is a new sports and entertainment complex that will be located in the heart of the city. As you may know, sports are one of the main reasons people flock to cities. And with so many people now living in blue world city-style suburbs, it makes sense for businesses and sports organizations to capitalize on this trend. In this article, we’ll take a look at some ways blue world city sports valleys can benefit your business.

blue world city sports valley

The sports valley in Blue World City is a premium destination for athletes, sports enthusiasts and anyone looking to get active. The sports valley features an extensive array of sporting facilities, including a soccer field, basketball court, tennis court and a cricket ground. There is also a range of fitness classes and activities on offer, such as yoga, Pilates and Zumba. Blue World City Sports Valley is perfect for leisurely walks or energetic workouts.

blue world city sports valley location

The Sports Valley location at the Blue World City development in Qatar is a Premier Sport and Recreation Destination that features world-class sporting facilities, including an 18-hole golf course by Trump National Doral, an internationally renowned tennis complex, a sports academy and more. The valley also encompasses an 860-meter indoor ski slope with state-of-the-art technology and 12 outdoor slopes ranging from beginner to expert.

blue world city sports valley payment plan

The Blue World City Sports Valley is a new sports and entertainment complex that will be located in the heart of the city. The valley will offer a variety of sports, entertainment, and lifestyle options. The valley will have its own payment plan option that allows customers to pay for their tickets over time. This payment option allows customers to spread out their payments and save money on their ticket purchases.

blue world city sports valley block

Located in eastern Hangzhou, the sports valley is a 4.5-hectare area that has been specially designed to accommodate various sport activities. The area features a regulation soccer field, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a multi-purpose stadium that can be used for events such as concerts and expositions. In addition to its sporting facilities, the sports valley is also home to a shopping centre, an amusement park, and a hotel.

The sports valley was built in 2002 at a cost of US$30 million. It is managed by Hangzhou Olympic Sports Development Co., Ltd., which was established in 1998 with the aim of developing tourism in the city and promoting sport activities. The company has since developed the sports valley into one of the city's most popular tourist attractions.

The sports valley has been well received by visitors; according to statistics compiled by Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Tourism, it attracted 2 million visitors in 2016 alone. This figure represents an increase of more than 50% over 2015 figures and indicates that the sports valley continues to be extremely popular with tourists from all over China and abroad.

The popularity of the sports valley is likely due to its wide range of facilities – including both indoor and outdoor sporting areas – as well as its close proximity to other important tourist attractions in Hangzhou such as the West Lake and Zhejiang Science Park. In addition, the sports valley is particularly convenient for visitors who want to stay close to urban amenities


The Blue World City Sports Valley is a futuristic sports complex that is currently under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The valley will feature a number of sports facilities, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a football stadium, and a cricket ground. The valley is expected to be completed by 2020.

The Blue World City Sports Valley is hoped to become the new hub for sports in Dubai. It will offer potential athletes and fans access to world-class facilities, as well as the opportunity to compete against other international participants. The valley will also serve as a training ground for aspiring athletes, and its facilities will be used by professional teams and sporting organisations.