Finding And Fixing Mistakes In Your Practice Diary


How to write an internship diary correctly?


The diary is a part of the report that is kept by the student from the first day of practice; it should contain information about what tasks the trainee performed, what he succeeded in and what did not, what difficulties arose during their implementation, what events he attended. If you didn't prepare it yourself, then you better find help before it's too late. It is the diary that will become an assistant in the preparation of the report and report on the practice.


The problem for most students is the irregular filling of the diary or even writing it at the end of the practice, this is what leads to the following disadvantages:


  • incomplete submission of information, since they forget about the events in which they took part, some completed tasks;
  • there is no information about work on certain days, in which case it is considered that the student simply skipped them, and they require a certificate from the doctor about the illness;
  • the integrity of the presentation of information is violated, it looks more like a collage of separate pieces of text;
  • there is no specific data on the work done, the trainee is limited to general information.


The most common errors in report design


What should be considered when preparing a practice report? First of all, you should consider hiring guys from source to help you out. Report formatting is no less important component of an ideal work than its content. Most often, practice leaders find the following shortcomings in the design:

  • too wide banks (thus, students try to stretch the material to the required number of pages);
  • non-observance of the font parameters, which are standard for most student papers (Times New Roman, font size –14 pt, line spacing - 1.5);
  • the location of different structural elements on the same page, for example, after the end of the introduction , the 1st section is immediately located, this cannot be done;
  • errors in the bibliography (they must be checked in accordance with the relevant guidelines);
  • there is no page numbering (most often the reason for this is inattention);
  • mistakes in the design of the title page, in order to avoid them, you need to draw it up according to the sample or recommendations given in the manual.


We prepared some tips to help you avoid gaps in your practice report:

  1. Before going through the practice, read the guidelines so that you know what to look for in the process of practice.
  2. Review the manual again before working on the report.
  3. Be sure to keep a diary as it should be - from the first day of practice, if you do not have time, make rough sketches, which you will then fill out for delivery.
  4. There are no special requirements for the diary, unless, of course, they are presented in the training manual. However, it is recommended that each new day of practice be made out with a new page so that none of them will be missed.
  5. Before submitting the report, carefully check it for language errors, since a large number of them can significantly affect the assessment.


The practice report is the main indicator of a student's performance and aptitude, so it must be performed at an appropriate level. Students who can't handle their academic load can choose to hire a person while they handle other tasks. Familiarization with the typical shortcomings of reports will help you avoid mistakes in work and get a good grade for your work.