Psoriasis is a disease which troubles the patient physically , psychologically and socially. This is a chronic occasionally acute, non –contagious, relapsing skin disease. Reddish papules and plaques covered with thick silvery white scale are the classical lesions. As the rate of division of cells in upper layer is increased tremendously, it is covered by scaly appearance. Often the lesion starts with severe dandruff in the scalp. Elbow , knees, back, belly, hip , ear are commonly affected areas. Mostly the patches are itchy. Change in the atmosphere, consumption of certain allopathic medicines, hormonal ups and downs , stress trigger, exaggerate the disease. Sometimes the disease is inherited in next generation. 10-15 % of psoriatic patients develop arthritis at later age.


To restore the outer and inner beauty and well being of skin and the whole body through Ayurveda’s natural and profound treatment which will be long lasting still affordable.


Psoriasis is the result of a sped-up skin production proces, Typically skin cells grow deep in the skin and slowly rise to the surface. Eventually, they all off. The typical life cycle of a skin cell is one month. In pepole with psoriasis, this production process may occur in just a few days. Because of this, skin cells dont have time to fall off. This rapid overproduction leads to the buildup of skin cells.

Ayurvedic causes of Tvacha-Vikar (Dermatological complaints)

  1. Viruddha Aahar – Eating recepies made up of food stuffs having opposite properties eg. Milk + Fruits, Curd + Milk etc.
  2. Eating much oily, salty, cold and difficult to digest food on frequent basis.
  3. Food stuffs with too much of dry property.
  4. Food stuffs with much water content. Eg. New grains, curd, fishes, sour & salty items.
  5. Immediate exercise or sex after food.
  6. Frequent & gross exposure to sun & heat.
  7. Excess work, fear, anger, worry.
  8. Consuming cold & heat one by one.
  9. Holding forcefully the body urges like vomitting, stool- urine, thirst, appetite, sleep , semen, tears, yawning, cough etc.
  10. Eating food on full stomach and in indigestion status.
  11. Bad behaviour with enlightened people like Guru, Saints etc. ( Ayurved is a science strongly believing in spirituality ).
  12. Misconducted panchkarm procedures.
  13. Addictions like smoking, alcohol etc.


Even if  patients of Psoriasis get temporary suppression of the symptoms with today’s modern medicines, they do suffer a lot with the medicines like use various modern medicines, Steriod, Cyclosporin, Coltar etc. Efficay of PUVA, UVB, emollients, topical application is very dissatisfying and they pose risk of developing cancer also. In this scenario, Ayurved is aboon for psoriasis patients.

  • Dermatological complaints and panchkarma therapy in Ayurveda – Are having very close relation to each other. By means of this therapy the factors responsible of the disease are removed out of body with certain purification (Shodhan) methods. So the relapse of diseas is minimized to a great extent. Vaman (Therapeutic Vomitting), Virechan (therapeutic Purgation), Raktamokshan (Blood letting), Basti (Medicated Enema), Nasya (Nasal Adminstration) are the five Shodhan Karmas which are used acocordig to the prakruti and avastha (stage) of disease.
  • Examination of patients is very subjective in Ayurved – In every patient all examinations are done regarding his/her eating habits, sleep , excretory system, appetite, digestion, menstruation pattern, any addicaion, family history, other past disease history etc.
    In every patient the disease process (samprati) is a little bit different than other. Once it is understood properly, treatment becomes easy. We in our clinic do the treatment of psoriasis with following guidelines.
  • Medicines acting on liver – Being the biggest chemical factory in body, it is responsible  for several metabolic activities. In ayurvedic perspective also liver (Yakrut) is the most important organ from Digestive system. Quality of Panchak pitta (digestive juices) secreted by the liver decides the quality of digestion. Good digestion ultimately leads to proper formation of dhatus (Basic building blocks of body-namely ras, rakta, mans, Meda, asthi, majja and shukra). If liver is affected by any cause, its ability to produce good quality bile is hampered and it leads to improper digestion. This is the stage where foundation of disease starts. So by means of ayurvedic medicines such as phalatrikadi guggul aarogyavardhini etc. blood purification and pittarechan functions occur.



  • Klednashak & Aampachan Treatment– Due to the factors stated previously in the paragraph of causes of Skin disease, the agni (digestive power) is diminished and this agnimandya (weakness of digestive power) leads to production of Kleda & aama (Undigested semiliquid –sticky substance.) These undigested, toxic substances are produced in excess quantity in psoriasis. With the help of agnivardhak medicines (Digestion improving) of tikta and Kashay taste the effect of aama & keeda is nullified.
  • Medicines Controlling Cell Division Process –  As the psoriatic person is supposed to be deficient of certain protein present in the chromosome, his skin-cell division speed is increased up to ten times more. The skin cell which life is approx. 30 days, starts to die within 3-4 days. This is the key pethology in psoriasis. According to Ayurved, Vata dosh is responsible for this activity. Hence, certain herbomineral formulations having vatashamak properties are used to check this enhanced cell-divisions process.


Salient features of our treatments

  1. No Stereotype same treatment ( formula ) for all patients, different medicines & panchkarmas for patients of different body constitutions called as Prakruti in Ayurveda. Though psoriasis is same diagnosis in all patients, the pathoetiology and prakruti, surrounding climate etc. factors require different treatment. 
  2. No use of allopathic medicines even in very severe cases.
  3. Medicines prepared by Dr. Deshpande himself with strict ayurvedic pharmacopeias guidelines.
  4. Proved very useful in all types of psoriasis including psoriatic arthritis.
  5. Not just temporary but long lasting relief.
  6. Use of Panchkarma ( five cleaning -……..
  7. Experience of treatment over 1 recede.
  8. Effective & curative :
      Treatment available also on migraine , jaundice , allergies, acid peptic disorder, gynecological complaints, leucoderma, eczema, urticaria piles – fissure- fistula and lots of more.