Word guessing games or word puzzles are often an interesting choice for entertainment, taking advantage of the break after stressful working hours to play. It only takes a few minutes to ponder an answer. But most players expect a more challenging word game.


Have you ever thought about finding all the words in an article? Have you heard of Redactle?


Redactle is a word-guessing game where you edit a Wikipedia article with all the words hidden. Only prepositions, articles, and punctuation are provided. Your ultimate goal is to find its subject.


The challenge of the game is probably finding certain keywords. If you come up with a few keywords, you can guess the topic of the article and make the challenge easier to conquer. But it should be emphasized, that you will have to find a lot of words. Meanwhile, the appearance of prepositions or articles may not help you much or can be seen as important clues. But in certain cases, they will be suggestions for you to find the following or related words.


Players are drawn to the game because of the sense of accomplishment they gain after editing a long article with nothing provided before, even if it takes a lot of their time.


Each Redactle quiz answer is an article taken from Wikipedia's list of 10,000 important articles. Therefore, there is no certain difficulty but your challenge is completely random.


How to play Redactle?

Have you tried this game yet? Do you know how to play Redactle? The following steps will guide you through playing Redactle:


Step 1: Type a word in the box and press Enter.

If the word belongs to the article, the game will tell you how many times the word appears, and it will also display its correct position on the content page.


Step 2: Find words related to the word you just found.

Step 3: Based on the correctly guessed words to find out the topic of the article as soon as possible.

During the guessing process, don't forget to think of the title because that is your end goal.


Step 4: You will win as soon as you find the title of the article.


There will only be one Redactle puzzle per day for all players and it could be about anything. Are you confident to win the game in the first few tries? Redactle is free for all web browser players.