The sort of control can accommodate many compressors whereas maintaining system strain within a single decrease pressure band for all circulate conditions. Typically these varieties of controls can solely interconnect compressors of the same manufacturer - energy efficient screw air compressor.

Proper coordination is required to take care of enough system pressures and elevated efficiency whenever a couple of compressor is required to run in a compressed air system. The remaining compressor must be the one most capable of operating efficiently at partial hundreds.

With this control strategy the local compressor pressure swap controls are organized in an overlapping or cascaded sample. This methodology of control will unload and/or load compressors at various system pressures as the load decreases or will increase.

The methodology ends in higher than essential system pressures during partial loads which causes greater than required energy consumption. For load/unload with minimal air storage, the compressor would use about 92% of full energy.

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