What exactly is Mivida City Islamabad, and how does it differ from other housing societies?


In the process of planning it was decided the housing complex would be placed in the middle of a park. The choice fell on Benazir Bhutto Park that was a place where families with children could roam and play.

The design team chose an organic form that allowed flexibility to accommodate various lifestyles and back-gardens for privacy. Similar to Mivida, the structure was constructed using a flexible grid of steel frame-work that was based on the concept of modularity. The construction took nine months from the placement of foundation stone until the finalization of construction.

Mivida City is a gated community with 15 three and two-bedroom homes.

Mivida City is a gated community that has 15 two- and three-bedroom apartments. The apartments are situated in the center of Islamabad close to many office buildings and commercial areas. Mivida City Islamabad also has its own parking space, a landscaped garden and gated entrance.

The new foreign quarters of Islamabad, Mivida City is an enclosed community that offers 15 three and two bedroom apartments. The apartments are located in the middle of Islamabad, near many commercial centers and government offices. Mivida City also has its own parking space, landscaped gardens and a gated entrance.

Each apartment comes with its own parking space with a landscaped garden, as well as a the gated entryway.

Each apartment comes with their own parking space along with a garden that is landscaped and a an entrance gated.

The apartments are well lit by LED lighting fixtures that are energy efficient. These fixtures are also cost effective due to not needing to pay energy bills or other maintenance costs to extend the life of every light fixture.

Residents can choose between picking between a one, or two-bedroom unit.

Mivida City's apartments are available in two different options. One of them is a 1-bedroom apartment that has the capacity to accommodate around 12 people and costs around Rs. 2million (US$30k) per unit. Another option is a two-bedroom apartments, which can accommodate up to 16 residents and costs slightly more at about Rs. 3mio (US$50k). Both types of homes have fully-equipped kitchens, living areas and bathrooms, though they differ in size. They also have bathrooms for the maids as well as security guards who are on duty 24 hours a day.

The apartments are a great place to live and offer many benefits: privacy within their homes; easy access to amenities like restaurants or shops as well as security from criminals outside the building; and comfortable living conditions without having to sacrifice the space or quality!

Are they different from other housing organizations?

Mivida City is a gated community that features 15 two- and three-bedroom apartment units. Each apartment comes with its own parking spot, a garden that is landscaped and a gated entryway. Residents are able to choose picking between a one- or two-bedroom home based on their requirements.

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Mivida City Islamabad Mivida City Islamabad is a residential development located in Pakistan's west capital, Islamabad. It was launched at the end of 2008 by Iqbal and his associates, who were among the first to set up a housing venture in the region. The city was planned as an autonomous community with its own local government, and educational institutions for youngsters. The idea is that , if every family in the city invests, assists and encourages its growth the city will expand rapidly and also self-sustaining. The society is considered to be the most successful private models of Social Housing Societies in Pakistan .

On March 28, 2008 Iqbal Hameed Khan sent invitations to prospective buyers requesting them to register their names in a new office that would be opening in the coming days. By the end of May 2009, they had received 33 applications from people who were interested and families.

A two-storey strata plan comprising houses was constructed on an area that is an area of 80 acres (32 per cent). There are high security gates at the gate which only residents are allowed to enter during business hours. Security guards wear uniforms during working hours to avoid any unauthorized persons from entering into the residential compound. In addition , CCTV cameras placed around every part of garden and common areas like swimming pools .