The reason Blizzard's silence is worrying

In light of how prominent the debate regarding Diablo 4 Gold is, many might think that the designers behind the game had already made changes to the microtransactions system or at least made a statement in regard to the negative reaction. For instance, when Battlefront 2 was going through the infamous microtransactions scandal, EA temporarily removed microtransactions from the game to examine their pricing. While this is a similar precedent to the past yet, no effort to do so has been implemented by Blizzard at the moment at the time of writing.

Unfortunately, many blame the continued commercial success for Diablo 4 as the potential reason behind Blizzard's lack of immediate response. Diablo 4 is reportedly making $1 million a day in its current condition it is clear that a specific percentage of players continues to use the microtransaction system to quite an extent, in spite of the loud criticism. This kind of profit encourages Blizzard to maintain the system so its silence may signal that the game will not be changing anytime soon.

In addition Recent job advertisements indicate that Blizzard is currently looking to hire experts in crisis management to fill an international communications position at the company. This could be related to the Diablo 4 controversy. If Diablo 4 continues to make huge amounts of profit, a reaction from Blizzard could be at risk of being put off as the microtransaction system evidently not at a point where it is fully embraced by the community.

There's been plenty of chagrin surrounding the launch of Diablo 4. but Blizzard's Diablo 4 is still generating plenty of hype in the gaming community. The mainline Diablo game is expected to be free of many problems that have plagued the mobile-first title from the studio and may even become a sort of return to form for the legendary hack 'n' slash franchise.

Keep that in mind and it appears there is a chance that the long-anticipated Diablo 4 beta may be coming soon as dataminers recently unraveled a series of references to something known as "Fenris" in the game launcher. For those who've followed Blizzard's development schedule may recall this "Fenris" is, in fact, the internal codename for Diablo 4. suggesting that certain major work is being made.

Diablo players have been able to join the Diablo 4 beta for a while now and the fact that the game would be open to testing has been in the news for a long time. Details, however, have been lacking, and buy Diablo 4 Gold Blizzard has been keeping the cards close to its chest, which makes any leaks much more exciting for players. Based on the analysis by Wowhead of the configuration files, it seems like the beta may not be that far out. Namely, Wowhead discovered numerous references to the previously mentioned "Fenris," mainly including header images for the launcher and similar products.