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After several Sprints, a key stakeholder starts using the product. The stakeholder is surprised by the slow performance and complains to the Product Owner. The Product Owner comes to the Scrum Master asking for advice.
What is the best action for a Scrum Master to take?

  • A. Encourage the Product Owner to bring the performance concerns to the Development Team and work with them on how to improve performance, and ultimately have stronger Definition of Done.
  • B. Bring the concern to the testers in the Development Team and ask them to include performance testing.
  • C. Explain to the Product Owner that it's up to the Development Team to. decide on acceptable performance standards as they own the Definition of Done.
  • D. Wait until the next Sprint Retrospective as it is the most opportune time to modify the Definition of Done.

Answer: A

The highest priority of agility is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Because the Development Team is the one doing the work and increments must meet performance standards, they can expand their Definition of Done to include more stringent criteria for higher quality.


During the Sprint Review, the Product Owner decides to release the current Increment to production. The stakeholders suggest temporarily delaying the next Sprint in order to respond more quickly to user feedback after the release. The Product Owner prefers to continue to the next Sprint and make progress towards the next release. Steven, the Scrum Master, begins facilitating the discussion.
What would be two acceptable outcomes of the discussion? (Choose two.)

  • A. Continue with the Sprints and include the customer feedback in the Product Backlog.
  • B. Continue with the Sprints but allow the Sprint Goal within the Sprint to change according to the customer feedback.
  • C. Continue with the Sprints but shorten the Sprint time-boxes to allow for shorter feedback loops.
  • D. Delay the next Sprint to allow the Development Team to work on new customer feedback.

Answer: A,C

A new Sprint starts immediately after the conclusion of the previous Sprint. Delaying the start of the next Sprint interrupts progress and can reduce the Time-to-Market. Shortening the Sprint length allows the team to respond quicker to changes outside of the Sprint plan and while still allowing delivery of business value. Adding user feedback to the Product Backlog helps the Product Owner with ordering the backlog to maximize the flow of value.
During the Sprint no changes are made that would endanger the Sprint Goal.


Doing your best and helping other Scrum Team members demonstrates which of the following?

  • A. High Performance
  • B. Increased Revenue
  • C. Maximizing utilization
  • D. Increased Profit
  • E. Value of Commitment

Answer: E

People personally commit to achieving the goals of the Scrum Team by doing their best and helping others.


Steven is a Scrum Master of a Development Team that has members working in different cities and time zones. Organizing the Scrum events is time consuming and requires a lot of effort to set up and run. The Development Team proposes to only hold the Daily Scrum on Mondays.
Which two responses would be most appropriate from Steven? (Choose two.)

  • A. Ensure that there is an overall consensus by having the Development Team members vote.
  • B. Acknowledge and support their decision.
  • C. Coach the team on why having a Daily Scrum every day is an important opportunity to update the Sprint plan and how it helps the team self-organize work toward achieving the Sprint Goal.
  • D. Help the Development Team understand that lowering the frequency of communication will only increase the feeling of disconnect between the team members.

Answer: C,D

The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the Scrum Team understands the purpose and value of the Scrum events. Because the Daily Scrum is owned by the Development Team, it will decide how best to run the event. And if needed the Scrum Master will coach the team to ensure the decisions stay within the boundaries of the Scrum framework.


What is a Product Owner responsibility that he/she might delegate?

  • A. Writing User Stories
  • B. Ordering the Product Backlog
  • C. Attending the Sprint Review
  • D. Representing stakeholders to the Scrum team

Answer: B

The Development Team may need to order the Product Backlog as they would know the most about technical limitations, risks, or dependencies between Product Backlog Items. As User Stories is a localized practice, Scrum does not govern it or dictate the practice. How the team describes the items is up to them as long as it has enough information to be transparent and understood.



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