eCommerce development is one of the fast-growing fields. However, if you choose WordPress for your eCommerce web development solutions WooCommerce is the best for every eCommerce Website.

WooCommerce is the most appreciated eCommerce WordPress development platform for WordPress websites. Many WooCommerce development companies are offering WooCommerce development services to their clients who want to build full-fledged eCommerce websites. 


What is WooCommerce?

In simple words, WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin that capable of developing a fully-functioned eCommerce web development. Due to the open-source platform, WooCommerce is a highly customized and flexible eCommerce development plugin with themes and shopping cart development. WooCommerce is a most favorable selling products and service platform for managing inventory and shipping, and secure payments.


Why Should Choose WooCommerce?

Like WordPress development, WooCommerce is a free open-source platform. And easy to manage all the eCommerce functions on it. After installing WooCommerce it can be easy to configure and manage all the activities like product price, product details, shipping fees, taxes, product stocks, images, and more with a user-friendly interface.

WooCommerce is more flexible and due to this feature, WooCommerce is suitable for every small, medium, and large eCommerce online store development.


Main key features of WooCommerce

1. Management of Products

WooCommerce enables a user to arrange products through types and categories which makes it easy to manage products. You can easily customize the products by adding specific attributes like product size, color, and so on.


2. Shopping rules

WooCommerce offers shopping rule features that can be adjustable and designed to sellers’ requirements that make it easy for buyers to order products. This feature helps sellers to understand buyers’ journey from ordering products to payment and payment refund process.


3. Order management

WooCommerce’s order management feature offers sellers to manage all orders with the product price, stocks, payment process, and more.


4. Sales report

WooCommerce offers a built-in sales report that users can customize through an extension if it looks simple.


5. Payment flexibility

WooCommerce also supports multiple payment methods such as cash on delivery, bank transfers, digital payment, and more.

The wooCommerce payment method is completely computable with other payment gateways for online purchases.


6. SEO

However, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, WooCommerce makes eCommerce websites more SEO friendly such as Shopify development, Magento development, OpenCart development, and more. And offers all SEO features through the WordPress store.


Steps to Install WooCommerce

Step 1: Install WordPress

For building a WooCommerce site it is essential to install WordPress web servers or hosting.


Step 2: Install WooCommerce

Go to WordPress plugins Store and install WooCommerce plugins and install a WooCommerce plugin.


Step 3: Setup WooCommerce

After installing WooCommece plugins you can enable set up your new store with WooCommerce by clicking on the Setup Wizard.

After all these steps you can add and manages products, make sales report, and manage discount and tax stability for your eCommerce store.


Bottom line

WooCommerce is a complete solution for eCommerce web development that is fast, simple and easy to use, and acceptable for every eCommerce enterprise requirement. WooCommerce is used by individuals and enterprises who want to build an online selling platform with customization.