Major Web Development Trends Of 2022

Every single year you will be facing major changes in the world of website development. These major changes create a scenario where several small businesses are unable to sustain in this industry. Therefore, we all need to update ourselves as per the newest trends on web development and stay competitive.

This is definitely not all you will require to sustain in this industry. You need to get hold of a solid web product to increase your potentiality. And if you are looking for a best web development company in your surrounding who can get hold of your sinking business, here you are at the right place.

The Newest Web Development Trends Of 2022

  •         PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

PWA is the first and foremost app that trends and functions as a website along with a full-fledged mobile app experience. The benefits that you will grab while using this app are just phenomenal. We, at SoftIndigo are keen in following the above mentioned app. Have a look at the benefits:

  1. a)       Flawless Installation
  2. b)      Saves your power
  3. c)       Saves the storage of your device
  4. d)      Minimises the development expenses
  5. e)       Flexible
  •         SPA (Single Page Application)

Single Page Application is another most important and trendy technologies that helps in loading the whole website and the dynamic content on a same page.  We, at SoftIndigo are not only confident with our PHP website development services, but also with this technology. Let us now give you all a small glimpse of the perks that you can have while using this technology:

  1. a)       Fast page load
  2. b)      Less bounce rate
  3. c)       Appropriate debugging
  4. d)      Full support on offline basis
  •         AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Another most trended technology in the world of web development. This not only helps in accelerating the functionality of the page but also in retaining the users. This is quite similar to the progressive web app.  There are certain perks of using AMP:

  1. a)       Save expenses on UX
  2. b)      User-centric
  3. c)       Mobile Responsive 
  •         Server less Architecture

Due to the extreme work from home pressure, and huge pending workloads the utilisation of cloud SaaS has maximised enormously. SoftIndigo having the most quickly growing domains have recognized a massive increase in the popularity of the of less server architecture. The benefits of using the less server architecture are as follows:

  1. a)       Reasonable
  2. b)      Enhances scalability
  3. c)       Timely maintained
  •         Dark Mode UI

Now this one is extremely famous worldwide and as per our expectations, it will rise more and more. When you are attracted to the visual design patterns, you must have the dark themed website which will make it comfortable and easier for the users. If you are thinking of any WordPress development agency USA for creating this kind of website, then you are at the right door. Now, let us have a look at the perks of this:

  1. a)       Saves the battery life
  2. b)      Reduces the strain of eyes in low light conditions
  3. c)       UI content becomes easily accessible and legible

Therefore, if you are ever looking for a Web development company near me, do not look here and there. SoftIndigo is standing right behind you with all its new launched technologies. 

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