What kind of facilities are available in Mivida City Islamabad?
• This house is located in Mivida City Islamabad Master Plan. It is close to bustling and prosperous cities like Wazirabad, Bahria Town and Iqraabad. The neighborhood is also very quiet, with quiet streets and beautiful parks. This area has amenities such as schools, hospitals, etc., but it is still peaceful. There are also good restaurants and shopping centers in the vicinity of this area making it convenient for all residents of the area but away from the noise they face when walking around in their area. This home was built in 2009 by a popular home builder who emphasized solid construction when designing them. The architectural design is different from other buildings in this area due to its modern appearance and the stairs with glass on both sides so that you can enjoy your view even on these beautiful stairs without head through the light all the time. since the light doesn't seem to be an issue here as there are enough in the street set up all day and making it good enough for everyone in these places when darkness seems to be associated with evil rather than good: There is. 8 rooms are available in this project of which 4 rooms are intended for living purposes while 4 rooms are only for storage purposes (kitchen, bathroom). 
Mivida City Islamabad 
Mivida City Islamabad is a new project located in the heart of Islamabad. It is a secure residential community with spaces, it offers everything you need to live happily, including schools and colleges. This project is built with modern architecture that will make you feel like living in paradise! 
Mivida City Islamabad Payment Plan 
Mivida City Islamabad Payment Plan 
Mivida City is a beautiful company in Islamabad. This project in Sector F-6, Islamabad, was designed by Architectural Design Associates (ADA). It is built with imported materials and high technology which makes it more durable than any other type of building in Pakistan. The best part about this house is that it offers different payment plans so that you can realize your dream house without worrying about any upfront payments. 
Mivida City is located in Islamabad 
Mivida City Islamabad is located in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan. This city has more than one million people and is known for its green environment, greenery and beauty. There are many things to explore, such as parks and open spaces where you can spend time with your friends or family to relax if you want! 
The area also has many restaurants serving delicious food from around the world that will make your stay even more enjoyable! 
Find properties that fit your budget and lifestyle 
Mivida City Islamabad is a new development in Islamabad. This project includes 3 areas, each with its own characteristics and definitions. The first zone, "Prestige", is designed as a luxury residential project that caters to the needs of the wealthy. This area has some of the amenities that are available in any city: a modern gym and swimming pool; well-equipped gymnasium; private dining room; lounges and bars; 24 hour security service... you name it! 
The second zone, "Rising Star", is for those who value comfort more than luxury, but still want all these things at an affordable price! It is also home to many amenities such as supermarkets (including restaurants), cinemas/cinemas... and much more! It's easy to see why this area is so beautiful - and why everyone loves living here! 
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