We all know about the extra protective layer we apply on our phones' tops. Here, we are talking about Mobile Phone Cases


There are so many phone cases in the market, that it becomes confusing for people to choose one. 


It has turned out to be a domain where artists and designers have the freedom to express their creativity. 


As a result, there is a unique kind of case that has entered the market. It is the bumper phone case. 


Sounds intriguing right? Well, it is! It turns out that, unlike all the cases that have a back frame to cover the phone. This one doesn’t. 


A bumper case only has a rectangular frame that is used to cover the edges and corners of your phone. 


Some do come with a detachable rectangular piece that can be used by the buyer if they want to. 


The frame is used to protect the phone from any unfortunate cracks or major damages.