Amin Aquatics will work with your landscapers and garden designers or directly with you to create the ultimate garden pond or water feature. We will create CAD images and artist impressions for you to really visualise your garden design before we begin building your pond. We will be able to discuss the size, materials and other special features of your pond at this stage. We will then be able to decide on which pond construction style is best for your garden project be it a pond liner, preformed pond or a poured reinforced concrete construction with fibre glass. Swim Pond

Our experienced garden pond builders will be able to manufacture your pond infrastructure to fully meet your expectations. We can make anything from a small pond or water feature although the way up to a man-made lake. If you choose to go for pond liner, preformed ponds or fibre glassing we will ensure that the finish of your pond is up to scratch! Our inhouse fibre glassing specialists carry years of experience add can even build your pond with features such as windows for raised garden ponds.

Pond Installation

Alongside installing the lining of your pond, either preformed ponds or custom manufactured options, we will also install a full pond filtration system. As OASE authorised installers we can offer a clear water guarantee* on any new installation. We install a wide range of garden filtration from simple off the shelf pond filters to pipework laid underground and even full filtration rooms. Our extension experience in the construction industry allows us to make any installation a reality. We will run through all the different pond filtration options with you. Our team have attended residential and yearly training courses with Firestone and OASE which means that we are knowledgeable of filtration and are authorised installers. Complete Garden Makeover

Pond Maintenance

We have all seen them, and some of must have one. Ponds full of algae, blanketweed and hardly recognisable of containing any water at all! Amin Aquatics offer a pond cleaning service both for the garden ponds which we have installed or as a standalone service. Our pond maintenance is flexible and we offer a range of options from one-off deep cleans to regular pond cleaning contracts. Our service packages can even help to spread the cost of pond cleaning throughout the year. We will make sure that your pond keeps looking good all year round and can even provide you with updated filtration systems to maintain the water quality of your garden pond. As part of our maintenance service, we can also offer an onsite fibre glassing service which will involve us emptying and resealing your pond to create a strong and seamless finish.