Vai Na Fé is a very traditional festive song from Brazil.

In the tradition of the people and traditional music of Brazil, Vai Na Fé (Na Fé means “I have faith” found on the album) tells the story of a young boy who finds his way to salvation during a period of great turmoil.

Ta Bonito Brasil Vai Na Fé, the first song that was sung by Brazilian musicians to mark the gateway of the Brazil Independence. Vai na fé is one of Brazil's most popular, and one of the finest songs ever written. The melody is instantly recognizable, and even today it remains a popular patriotic song. Vai Na Fé is a rhythmic piece of folkloric music, which means that it plays a simple rhythm on the guitar or gaita de alma (a kind of flute with a wide mouthpiece).

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Vai Na Fé Ta Bonito Brasil. We are a group of passionate people dedicated to following the path of Brazilian Music, one that was forged by generations of great artists and made more popular by their music. In celebrating these legends we believe that there should be an appreciation rather than a judgment on their images, which are far from being perfect. This is our way of saying thank you to all those who have supported us in this trend since the beginning and we hope these words will reach your soul.

Ta Bonito Brasil Vai Na Fé online, is a blend of Brazilian style coffee made with chicory plants. The chicory plants will give your drink a bitter taste while growing and are not used in the making of the drink. Our unique combination of quality Brazilian beans, created with 100% pure Arabica beans, roasted lightly and bagged in an Egyptian natural paper bag.