Due to the additional weight, excessively large or heavy breasts that are out of proportion might cause pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. They may also restrict one's options for clothing and physical activities. Emotional distress is also a significant concern among females having heavier breasts. Breast reduction surgery can make the breast look smaller and take the weight off one’s back. The procedure helps to enhance the shape of the breast.


In this blog, Dr. Parag Telang, the Best Breast Surgeon in Mumbai, discusses recovery after breast reduction surgery. Read on for more insights.


Breast reduction surgery is a complex surgical procedure that needs enough time for recovery. It is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions sincerely during recovery to minimize postoperative complications such as infection or wound breakdown. Some lifestyle changes are also needed for a successful and comfortable recovery.


Important Tips to Recover from a Breast Reduction Surgery 


One needs to follow the surgeon’s instructions carefully. Below are the tips to follow for a fast and smooth recovery after breast reduction surgery:


  • Take rest: Keep the chest elevated and avoid sleeping on the stomach for a few weeks after the surgery.
  • Wear a good bra: A soft and supporting bra helps keep the breast in the proper position and reduces swelling and bruising.
  • Do not spend all the time in bed: One should start moving around slowly, and if they feel pain, they should stop immediately. Moving around improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen to the wound site for a quick recovery. This also helps reduce the risk of developing blood clots.
  • Assistance: Good emotional and physical support is the key to faster healing. One can ask for assistance whenever needed, and the patient must ensure that someone is there to help for the first 72 hours after the procedure. One will require help dressing up and caring for the incision site.
  • Take medications timely: One should take medications as prescribed by their surgeon on time to avoid the risk of any infection.
  • Eat healthy food: The patient should eat simple, healthy and home-cooked food with low sodium to minimize swelling and for a faster recovery.
  • Stay hydrated: The patient should drink plenty of water. This helps to remove the traces of anesthesia from the body and reduces the chances of constipation and fluid retention.
  • Keep wearing the compression garment: The patient should keep wearing a compression garment to prevent the incision from stretching. It also controls inflammation and swelling.


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