On 20 September 2022, BingX, the leading social trading crypto exchange, announced a donation of NT$3 million to assist in the September earthquake relief efforts in Taiwan.


A 6.8 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 7km hit the South-eastern part of Taitung and Hualien, with aftershocks felt across the whole of Taiwan and disasters reported in the Huadong area.


The earthquake derailed train carriages, causing a convenience store to collapse and trapping hundreds on mountain roads. It was also reported that one person had died and 146 were injured by the quake.


We immediately set up a donation account and transferred NT$3 million to assist in relief efforts. “Since 2019, BingX has been actively supporting charitable organisations and helping disaster relief efforts in Taiwan and around the world,” said Josh Lu, director of BingX Taiwan. In addition to contributing to social corporate responsibility, this donation also seeks to contribute to the reconstruction after the Hualien earthquake.


In early September this year, BingX established its charity arm and injected more than 10 million US dollars in funds to help fund charitable organisations, donations, public welfare activities, disaster relief, etc. We are proud to have supported efforts in the reforestation in Turkey, blood donation and environmental protection in Asia, donation drives in Vietnam, as well as disaster relief efforts for Palawan, and Leyte and will continue to support humanitarian ventures.


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