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Which of the following sources of information are considered as primary data? Select TWO that apply.

  • A. Reports in business magazines
  • B. RFI
  • C. The information about specific market sectors from trade associations
  • D. Commercial publishers of market reports
  • E. The collection of data from surveying customers

Answer: B,E

The aim of this question is to check students' understanding of different types of data. There are 2 types of data:
- Primary data is the collection of original or raw data which are generated from field research. In this case, only RFI and surveys from customers are considered as primary data.
- On the other hand, secondary data is public information that has been collected by others. It is typically free or inexpensive to obtain and can act as a strong foundation to any research project - provided you know where to find it and how to judge its worth and relevance. Examples of secondary data are government statistics, industry associations, trade publications, published market reports, etc.
LO 1, AC 1.2


Andrew is responsible for procurement of capital assets at Lumber Ltd. He is devising new business case for the purchase of a new band saw. The purchase price of the saw is $50,000. Andrew estimates that the machine will generate $10,000 per year of net cash flow. What is the payback period of this band saw?

  • A. 5 years
  • B. 10 years
  • C. 4 years
  • D. 3 years

Answer: A

Payback period is the time in which the initial outlay of an investment is expected to be recovered through the cash inflows generated by the investment. It is one of the simplest investment apprais-al techniques.
Since cash flow estimates are quite accurate for periods in the near future and relatively inaccurate for periods in distant future due to economic and operational uncertainties, payback period is an indicator of risk inherent in a project because it takes initial inflows into account and ignores the cash flows after the point at which the initial investment is recovered.
The formula to calculate the payback period of an investment depends on whether the periodic cash inflows from the project are even or uneven.
If the cash inflows are even (such as for investments in annuities), the formula to calculate payback period is:
Payback Period = Initial Investment / Net Cash Flow per Period
When cash inflows are uneven, we need to calculate the cumulative net cash flow for each period and then use the following formula:
Payback Period =A + (B/C)
A is the last period number with a negative cumulative cash flow;
B is the absolute value (i.e. value without negative sign) of cumulative net cash flow at the end of the period A; and C is the total cash inflow during the period following period A Cumulative net cash flow is the sum of inflows to date, minus the initial outflow.
- Payback Period | Formulas, Calculation & Examples (
- CIPS study guide page 44-47
LO 1, AC 1.3


When procuring an IT equipment, at which stage the buyer's expectations are translated into a technical specification?

  • A. Customer support
  • B. Installation
  • C. In-service support
  • D. Design

Answer: D

IT equipment is typically linked with through-life contracts. This type of contract not only deal with the specification and the price of a machinery, but also other stages such as design, manufacture, installation, in-service support, decommission and disposal. Among these stages, the design stage is when buyer's requirements are translated into technically correct specification.
LO 3, AC 3.2