Benoquin Cream (Monobenzone 20% Cream) For Vitiligo Treatment


What is Benoquin Monobenzone 20 Cream?


Benoquin Benoquin cream is not for skin Lightening, Only For Vitiligo Patient. ALL OTHER WEBSITES ARE SELLING LOW QUALITY CREAM ONLY. Discounted Price: $15/Tube Actual price Shipping Cost: $25 Brand Name: Benoquin Generic Name: Monobenzone Other Brand Name: Beno..


Monobenzone is known for it depigmentation action. Being a best depigmentation agent Monobenzone is used to treat vitiligo. Monobenzone is available in cream and serum form so we can use it on topical layer of skin and In cream form it is known as Benoquik or Benoquin. Benoquin cream or Ointment contains Monobenzone 20% Cream and maximum 20% is allowed and approved by FDA.


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