Several emerging businesses have chosen DBS India as the best place to find shared offices and other types of commercial spaces. 

Mumbai has business centres and shared offices. You have to focus on different factors to choose the right one

A proper workplace is highly important for your everyday business operations. The design of the office also affects your brand image and your staff morale. But, how will you choose the right office space in Mumbai? You must not overlook some relevant factors to make a purchase. 


The most significant factor for buying an office unit is its location. Can your clients access your office easily? Will your employees be able to reach the workplace on time? What are the other facilities available in nearby sites? There may be a restaurant, coffee shop, and gym. So, ask these questions before finalizing your deal. The best business centres in Mumbai are in strategic locations, and you can take advantage of them.  


Start-ups are concerned about the price rates. While buying office space, you may need to make a one-time payment. However, nowadays, entrepreneurs like to invest in the shared office space in Mumbai. In this case, they must know the monthly rental charge and the potential hidden costs. It is also better to compare the price with the charges for other similar offices in the adjacent sites.  

The availability of an advanced infrastructure- 

A good infrastructure is one of the essentials to achieve success in your business. You cannot efficiently operate your business without a strong internet connection. The best-serviced offices and managed workplaces provide internet connectivity as a part of the monthly rent. 

However, infrastructure involves something more than the internet. You must learn about the telephone and postal services before signing an agreement. To buy the virtual office, you should check the dedicated postal address. 

Office interiors and the overall design- 

While searching for a new workplace, you need to focus on the office style. The office design also plays a role in developing your brand image. You may also customize the interior space based on your needs. 

Top builders of the commercial office space in Mumbai have constructed workplaces of different designs. The furnished and well-equipped office spaces will save you time and effort. Thus, you can choose one, which is compatible with your business. 

Size of the rooms- 

The size of your chosen business premises is another factor that you must not overlook. Generally, the space must provide at least 70 sq. feet per person.  

However, some businesses need more storage and bigger desks. Furthermore, the office unit in Vashi must have a dedicated space to take a rest during lunchtime. The best commercial buildings also have conference rooms for your business events. 

You can now look for an office unit that increases your productivity and revenue. Mumbai has several business districts where you may search for office spaces.