The transition process from college to university can be difficult because the standard of education is higher in university than in college. Most students seek university assignment help because they fail to understand the quality of writing professors expect from them. Students encounter different problems while studying in college and university and get anxious and stressed out because of all the problems. They can try meditation to help maintain a healthy mind and body. 

Effects of meditation

  1. The rise in IQ levels- When students begin to meditate daily, it increases their brain function. It increases creative thinking, practical intelligence, and IQ.
  2. Lowers academic stress- Practicing meditation regularly can help in improving grades and lowering the high level of stress that students go through. Dissertation writing is quite stressful, and students oft ask for dissertation writing helpfrom experts. If you are looking for essay help from a writing service, you need to see the company recruits qualified writers.

Improved academic achievement- A study shows that those students who practice meditation have better academic performance than those who do not. Students can focus more, become more alert to their academic schedules, and remain on top of their game. 

  1. Reduces depression and anxiety- Whether a student is in college or university, they face many problems like assignment deadlines, or they must complete a lot of assignments within a short time. There are online services that offer studentsessay homework help, assignment help, essay help, etc., which can come in handy. In addition, meditation can reduce anxiety and depression by calming their mind and making them happier.


Most students do not know that there are different types of meditation; one of the most popular ones is mindfulness. A mindfulness practice consists of accepting thoughts and emotions in a curious, non-judgmental way.

There are two sections of mindfulness-

  1. mindful living
  2. mindful meditation
  • Mindful living 

mindfulness living is not easy, but it has long-term benefits. The process of mindful living is practised throughout the day. It begins with daily routines and changing habits. Students cannot abruptly change their lifestyle but change small sections of their daily life, like changing bad eating habits and start paying attention to the type they are eating. 

  • Mindful mediate

when students practice mindfulness, it opens their senses to minute details, and they begin to detect details like a colourful store located along the way to college or university. 

Meditation is using a method, like focusing on the breath or a mantra, to re-align oneself physically and mentally. As an individual practice mindful meditation, they can expect to see progress in their mental clarity, focus and attention, stress levels, ability to study for long hours, and more. You can also take help for acs citation.

The above-mentioned points can help students understand meditation and help them to practice mindfulness and meditation.

Students pursuing a university degree can seek university assignment help whenever they encounter assignment problems.


meditation has a lot of power as it has long-term benefits. The academic journey is not easy, and students often get anxious and stressed out. Meditation can help students to overcome stressful situations and allow them to live a calm and happy life.