Exhibitions are the well thought-out and structured way of displaying selected items. As soon as we hear the word exhibition, we think of some art galleries, museums, trade fair exhibitions etc. jasa penyelenggaraan acara For the companies, exhibitions avail an opportunity to expand the business ideas so that they can market their products among the people by interacting with them. Many types of exhibitions are possible according to the nature of exhibits as well as the level of exhibition i.e. large or small. Here, we are going to discuss about the different exhibition displays and the structures which can be used.Custom made exhibition displays only for one event:These exhibition displays can be used for one event but, these are fully customized. Usually, they are designed by a strategic marketing approach. Nature of the particular event, goals of the company, products, salient features of the products, overall marketing strategy of the firm, surroundings etc. are the main factors which are considered and then the exhibition display stands are designed. Space scheme, is the most famous exhibition display idea for the customized exhibitions. In it, one is fully allowed to play with the materials of ceiling, floor and walls. Also, lighting and other fixtures can be according to the client. Usually, these types of ideas are preferred only at the places where permanent exhibition has to occur.Nowdays modular exhibition displays are also an option as they can be used at several places.

Modular and flexible exhibition displays:Generally, firms want a solution which can cater to the displays being at different locations so that they can use the same stand or booth at many events in order to reduce the marketing cost. These modular exhibition stands are flexible in such cases. Shell schemes are really popular for this purpose. In it, most of the elements required such as floor, walls, graphical display board and digital display boards are provided by one party who takes the responsibility of creation of such booths and cells. Mostly this method of displaying the items or graphics can be seen in trade fairs. Firms can easily go for this if they have to move from place to place for the sake of marketing as these are the portable systems.Apart from the two above options, there are many other ideas like travelling exhibitions and online exhibitions which give the opportunity to display the exhibits at several places.

As we know exhibitions are a nice way to market the products, so, it is really important to do all the arrangements of it, rightly. It is essential to present the exhibits in such a fascinating way that people come to see it and become bound to interact with the salesmen. This will help in increasing the awareness about the company, its products and its policy. Thus, it can be concluded, that exhibitions and exhibition displays which are meant for product publicity or marketing, should allow the audience or the viewers to have interactive sessions with the company so that the purpose of such exhibitions can be fulfilled.I, Sandeep S., is a writer interested on several aspects including exhibition displays. I am writing on different types of exhibition displays like exhibition stands for last 4 years.