Every year many students go through huge stress regarding PhD viva session. In fact, less prepared students look for viva questions for topics like financial statement analysis for PhD assignment help. 


But do you think it will help you overcome your fear? Even though the old question papers for difficult tasks like philosophy or financial statement analysis can provide assignment help, experts have some other plans for you. You can take help best assignment writing service from experts.


On that end, here are 6 tips that are guaranteed to help you ace the impending viva!


  1. Stay updated in your field of study

You should keep in mind that, for the particular subject you select, you are still very likely to be the "expert in the room." Check to see if any pertinent new papers have appeared since the thesis was submitted, and if they have, read those as well.


  1. Consider the things you will defend

Think carefully about what you will vehemently argue in the viva and what you are willing to concede. It's crucial to back up your assertions regarding the thesis' originality and contribution to knowledge. No research is flawless, so it's okay to demonstrate that you've thought about how things might have been done more effectively or differently. Check this, if you are looking for essay writing service.


  1. Start well

Give a few in-depth responses in the first 15 minutes, showcasing your knowledge and describing how you think and work. The examiners will probably become more relaxed as the viva progresses. 


The tone of the entire viva may be affected if the first few answers are brief, generalised, and incapable of demonstrating knowledge. This can be prevented. You can also check for Online Dissertation Help.


  1. Don't overlook the introductory question

Every viva begins with the dreaded icebreaker, which is meant to ease you in but frequently seems to get students into trouble. Since it's so elementary, students almost overlook it.


Most of the time, this would be a five to ten-minute introduction to your work and your main conclusions, and you need to answer them well.


  1. Don't speak in a political tone

Over-preparing often makes students speak only about information and claim it to be true. So, avoid memorising answers because it eliminates spontaneity and gives examiners a doubt. 


If students have pre-written responses, they start acting more like politicians and responding to questions that weren't even asked. You can also check for edit my paper service.


Hence, speak in your own rhythm instead and in a more poised manner. You can definitely answer it well.


  1. Focus on what you have contributed

The "contribution to knowledge" is one of the key elements that the examiners will evaluate in your thesis. In fact, the contribution is what elevates your work to the doctoral level. 


Hence, make sure you can express and explain your contribution clearly and concisely and that you are completely aware of what it is.


Summary - A major portion of the success of a PhD paper depends on the viva round. Hence, one must take it as a one-time chance and make the best out of it. So, read this article & implement the tips for your upcoming viva test.

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