Al Numir Mobile Phone Trading has been one of the largest businesses in the UAE selling mobile phones and du sim cards since 2009. Through our partnerships with people and businesses, we yearly provide thousands of SIM cards, new and used mobile phones, accessories, etc.

Get a VIP number in the UAE from us. We will provide you a gorgeous du and Etisalat number and we are in Sharjah. As well as being your personal Etisalat silver number, you also have a golden one. The top number, platinum number, fancy number, exquisite number, and golden number have all been provided to you. obtain a VIP number in the UAE from us.

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You might be considering how to get a nearby UAE Sim card if you intend to travel to the UAE so you can stay in touch with family while you're away. When arriving in the United Arab Emirates for the first time, you won't need to worry about finding a SIM card at the ETISALAT GOLDEN Number in Sharjah, the ETISALAT VIP number Number in Sharjah, or the ETISALAT Top Number in Dubai. You may still apply for a SIM card even after you've left the airport, are on route to a hotel, or have arrived home to your loved ones. Nearly all of the options for visitors visiting the UAE are with us.

Everybody has the right to make their own decisions, and we like giving our customers the opportunity to customise their phone numbers and choose the mobile plans that best meet their needs. They now have the uncommon opportunity to completely customise their mobile experience as a result of this.


Due to the fact that du values your uniqueness, it has launched a new, limited number range. Customers may now dress in a different style to demonstrate their desire to stand out! Customers may make a statement by choosing their preferred number from du's Special Number. By enabling one to express their individuality and ingenuity, it makes for an even more tailored experience.

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