Top Virtual Assistant Companies 2022


Virtual assistant services help business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs outsource time-consuming tasks, saving them time and money they can use to run their businesses. Let us take a look at the top virtual assistant companies in 2022:


Pega - Innovative Software Provider, Pegasystems is one of the leading Intelligent Virtual Assistants provider. Pega offers software that are designed to overcome any business challenges and complexities to enable better decision making and maximizing customer lifetime value. Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant is developed in such a way that it can understand the intent to interact intuitively with the highest level of UX. It is powered by NLP and Machine Learning algorithms to improve and predict next actions and ensure better engagement. - Leading virtual customer service agent builder, is focused on enhancing its customer service automation platform as an “AI-first” ‘no code’ tool to empower users by enabling them to utilize AI by building and designing exceptional virtual agents. With, virtual agents can be trained to become capable of solving more complex problems and delivering end-to-end customer experience with robust API integrations.

Conversica - A leader in Conversational AI, Conversica helps several teams and departments of an organization to serve their customers with AI assistants delivering optimized engagements. The AI virtual assistants by Conversica are designed to interact with the customers as soon as they send in an inquiry. Prompt, personalized, and persistent engagement help organizations in attracting and retaining customers along with scaling opportunities to generate better ROI and supercharge revenue teams.

IBM Watson Assistant - IBM, a pioneer in the technology arena, offers an AI-driven virtual agent, IBM Watson Assistant that assists customers in gauging consistent, fast, and accurate responses to any of their queries. IBM Watson Assistant can handle thousands of concurrent phone calls for supporting highly demanding customer care ecosystems. The AI is trained to look for different ways to guide customers and ask questions to solve vague queries.

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