Vaping is becoming a craze among people, especially teens, with many flavours. The device is used to inhale an aerosol that contains nicotine( not always), flavourings, and other chemicals.


Neither smoking nor vaping is good for your health. But according to research, smoking cigarettes seems to be more harmful than vaping. And on the other hand, Disposable Vapes Australia are cheaper and can be bulk-order. This vape habit can save much money wasted in those cigarette packets.  


Many types of vape devices come with many flavours, and finding what will suit you is challenging, especially if you are new to it.


Different types of Vapes:

Now that you know what vape devices are and how they work let's move forward with the categories of vaping devices.


  • Cig-A-Likes (First Generation)
  • Vape Pens (Second Generation)
  • Mods (Third Generation)
  • Pod Mods


Others advance these devices as technology advanced. Each device is innovative and has its own features. The device is advanced from the prior device by adding more features that were not present in it.


Therefore, there is no choice in choosing the device according to its advanced level. Currently, the newest devices have third-generation features, and you can select the device that suits your needs and works best for you.


The best vape kit to start with:

To start with the best Aus vape kit, find the vape that suits you and is affordable if you are wondering whether to quit smoking. It is the best you can do for yourself. There are many new vapours collection out in the market that are just good to stop your smoking addiction and can do their job. An essential vape pen can help you quit smoking is much more difficult without a quality device.





These use refills that generally contain nicotine, tobacco and menthol flavours. Cigalikes are much more affordable and suit best for the people trying to quit cigarettes as they fit the same form in hand as a conventional cigarette. If you'd prefer to vape covertly, consider buying the Best Disposable Vapes Australia.


Vape Pens:


Vape pens are easy to handle and can be kept like a pen in your pocket. They are shaped like a pen, and these are sustainable as you can refill them with e-liquid, and they also have replaceable heating coils. The device has two options: Mouth-to-lung and Direct-to-lung; it is designed for both first-time and experienced vapers.


Box Kits: 


Box kits are just the right ones, and this starter kit can work well for you. Box mod kits can be intimidating, and you can adjust wattage and voltage to puff the kit.


It typically offers greater customization and features, such as the ability to change the wattage and voltage and puff counters that can be used to keep track of your vaping routines. The tank and the box mod work well with each other and gives more power than vape pens and pod systems.


Buy iget Australia vapes online with the best deals, and quit smoking today. It is best to quit smoking with time.

In Conclusion:

You can enjoy vaping as an activity as it reduces stress. Now that you know about vaping devices, you can easily quit smoking. Visit iget vapes to control your smoking habit. You can also buy bulk vapes in Australia.