Best Neurology Specialist Hospital in Bangalore also features a long-standing reputation for providing a broad range of top-notch inpatient and outpatient services all of which are located on-site especially for the convenience of our patients. This, in turn, goes an extended way in ensuring the very best standards of care, thus helping our patients with quicker recovery times also .

Best Neurology Specialist Hospital in Bangalore are proud to mention that we’ve a number of the newest and advanced medical, surgical and diagnostic technology equipment while our highly skilled surgeons, doctors, and physicians are ready to make sure that you’ve got unparalleled access to the absolute best in medical and surgical care. Modern lives are embroiled with the danger of entering the trap of a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, due to our lifestyles and food habits, we are always at the danger of protracting numerous sorts of illnesses and health disorders. Best Neurology Specialist Hospital in Bangalore are firm believers within the adage, prevention is best than cure. With the help of early diagnosis and periodic health check-ups, several preventable diseases are often avoided which may help individuals to measure fuller lives. this is often where we step in; Best Neurology Specialist Hospital in Bangalore offer a good range of preventive health care services starting from a selected health checkup to an entire health checkup. Additionally, we tailor our services consistent with the age, gender and medical record of a patient thus covering all kinds of individual. Make a meeting for the diagnostics test of your choice by getting into touch with us today.

Best Neurology Specialist Hospital in Bangalore surgery procedures:

• Total Thyroidectomy,subtotal thyroidectomy

• Breast lump excision

• Tredelenberg and multiple subfascial ligation

• Laser treatment for varicose veins

• Skin tumour excision

• Major debridement

• above knee amputation

• Below knee amputation

• fore foot amputation

• Benign swelling excision (soft tissue/vascular/lymphatic)

• Skin grafting/Flap, Pilonodal sinus excision/flapcover

• Salivary Gland excision

• Disarticulation

• Corn foot/Toe nail excision

• Soft tissue Injuries

• Circumcision