If you manage a property in Bakersfield or elsewhere in Kern County, California, here are some property management signs that can make your job a little easier.

What Are Property Management Signs?

Property management signs are a bit different from most commercial signs. Some property management signs do serve a commercial or promotional function, but most of these signs’ main goal is to convey practical information. Property management firms need to ensure the safety of their residential and commercial tenants, and all their respective guests. Facilitating an efficient flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic is also often key, as is meeting certain legal requirements.

What Are Some Examples Of Property Management Signs?

Most signs can be used in a way that helps with property management. However, there are some signs which are especially useful when it comes to managing properties. Such signs include:

  • Building Signage
    A building sign is any sign installed on the exterior of a building that identifies it. These signs are installed on hospitals, government buildings, office buildings, schools, apartment and condominium buildings, and more.
  • Commercial Signage
    A commercial sign is any sign that serves a commercial purpose. In the context of property management, these are building signs that identify commercial businesses. Because of this, they convey a promotional element and not just a functional one.
  • 3D Sign Lettering
    3D letters are excellent building signs. They are often large and bold and so they stand out well. They can be installed on buildings themselves or on monument, pole, or pylon signs. For commercial enterprises, illuminating these 3D letters is often a good choice. This makes them channel letters.
  • Office Signs
    Office signs are any signs that help with the running of an office. These signs identify the company, brand interior spaces, identify copy and conference rooms, and can even include wall murals to motivate the staff.
  • Directional Signage
    Directional signage points people towards places of interest, such as restrooms, offices, elevators, exits, and reception desks.
  • Post & Panel Signs
    These signs are great for branding outdoor spaces. They’re suitable for identifying public parks, branding courtyards, and welcoming people home to their housing subdivision.
  • Tenant Signs
    These are forms of monument, pole, and pylon signs. Instead of identifying one business, they identify and promote all the businesses on the property. Property managers often use tenant signs with replaceable sign panels so it’s easy to update the sign as businesses move in and out.

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