There are many alternatives for native app development that are called cross-platform development frameworks such as React Native. This platform applies to reduce cost and time with the same code on both platforms.

Mobile app development is based on the platform of a framework in which it is built. Many mobile app development frameworks are available but one of them React Native framework is one of the best cross-platform frameworks that work on both Android and iOS platforms. 


What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source cross-platform framework for mobile application development developed by Facebook. React Native is able to crate full, native mobile app development on both Android app development and iOS app development using JavaScript.

React Native help developers reuse code on both web and mobile device. They can reuse the same code with multiple operating systems.


Why choose React Native for mobile app development?

React Native is an open-source cross-platform that offers many benefits and advantages using JavaScript. Here are some benefits that make React Native is most preferable mobile app development framework.


1 - Save Time and cost

React Native is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms developers only need to build one app, with two apps created. React Native support to reuse of the same code on both the Android and iOS App development platform. This make React Native time-saving and cost-effective.


2 - Performance

React Native-based apps perform like a native mobile application that was built on a particular Android and iOS platform. React Native allows the use of natively written code that makes an application run fast and performance-oriented.


3 - Quick changes

React Native mobile app development work on hot and live reloading mechanism that enable developers to work with code change in real time and make fixes during app loading. The live features automatically reload the application after the change. While hot reloading only reloads a specific part of the changes.


4 - Third-party plugin

React Native support two types of third-party plugins of JavaScript-based and native modules. This make React Native more easy and more flexible development structure.


5 - Development Cycle

React Native help the life cycle of mobile app development. React Native help to reduce development time by building one shared data layer for both Android and iOS platform that make it faster.


6 - Native Feel

React Native applications can perform like a native app. Instead of this React Native developed user interface includes native widgets that help to perform flawlessly. With the combination of JavaScript complex apps also perform smoothly live native apps.


7 - Community support

React Native has the largest community among all cross-platforms such as Xamarin framework. This community helps developers with their queries and information for React Native-based applications.



React Native app development companies are growing due to the popularity of React Native mobile app development technologies. React Native is a perfect choice for those who want development with easy and fast functionality, an attractive user interface, and a JavaScript-based native app, and the development process is time-saving and cost-effective.