A few days ago, a prisoner in a UK prison posted a small essay on the prison's internal website, urging the authorities to buy high-quality silicone dolls for prisoners, even if the prisoners had paid for them. He felt that the prison did not offer "dating visits". The inmates' hormones could not be balanced and easily lead to violence. He never felt that real love sex dolls could be traded for anyone's peace. I really should give credit to inflatable dolls!

ASHLY-163CM Really Sexy Big Breast Adult Silicone Doll

There is a market where there is demand. Love dolls are a good example. Today I'm going to tell you what happened to inflatable dolls! At that time, Hitler had to be mentioned. During World War II, Hitler personally appointed SS commander Hilem to prevent German soldiers from dealing with women of "non-Aryan origin" and to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Nazi army, a kind of "toy" similar to the female one physiological structure, that is, the most original version of the inflatable doll.

Hitler also made special requirements for "inflatable dolls" at that time, she must have everything that a wondrous woman has, such as white skin, golden hair, blue glasses, 176 height, plump lips and plump breasts! Unfortunately, on the night of February 13, 1945, the East German city of Dresden was suddenly bombed by an unprecedented crowd. The large factory that produced "inflatable dolls" was not spared and is planning a shelf! Later, the United States completely copied this plan during the Vietnam War and provided "inflatable dolls" for American soldiers and unanimously praised! Thus, as a derivative of war, a high-end sex doll was born! It's easy and rude!