Best Neurologist Doctor in Bangalore features a team of highly trained specialists with vast experience within the field. They pride oneself in providing state of the art care with a patient-centric, empathetic approach during a sort of neurologic disorders starting from migraine to movement Disorders. Having facilities for 3-Tesla MRI, PET-CT and molecular diagnostics, Best Neurologist Doctor in Bangalore offers comprehensive care to patients with acute stroke and cerebrovascular diseases, pediatric and epilepsy, neuromuscular diseases, Parkinson’s disease and related disorder, Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders of cognition, MS and other demyelinating disorders. After confirming stroke, a neurologist will prescribe a series of scans, tests, and examinations to spot the way has affected the neurological system. The quality tests will include MRIs, Ultrasound, CT scans, blood draws, angiograms and echocardiograms. These tests will shed light on the severity of the stroke also because the likelihood of another stroke (clotting factor). Continuous monitoring and regular checkups can help Best Neurologist Doctor in Bangalore detect clots and clotting sources before they will cause additional strokes.

Best Neurologist Doctor in Bangalore critical care:

• “Quality care at every step”. All neuro emergencies (24/7) handled by Neurologists Doctors.

• 15 Bedded Advanced Neuro ICU with Ventilator support- both invasive & non-invasive.

• 24/7 availability of Neuro Intensivists.

• Facility for continuous EEG Monitoring within the ICU.

• Neuro Critical Care team specialized in management of all neuro emergencies including stroke/seizures/Neuro infections/comatose patients needing future ventilator& ICU support.

• Uniquely designed Cubicle ICU’S for patient comfort/Privacy with dedicated patient visitors’ corridor, to take care of sterility of our ICU’S.

• ICU procedures done include: Dialysis/Plasmapheresis, bedside Echo/Ultrasound

• HDU (High Dependency Unit) at ward levels to shorten ICU stay & reduce costs, to involve & train relations in caring for the disabled patients

The department of neurology at Best Neurologist Doctor in Bangalore deals with managing and treating disorders related to the nervous system of the body. Best Neurologist Doctor in Bangalore are medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of the disorders associated with the nervous system as a whole. They are extensively trained to treat issues of the brain, spinal cord, central and peripheral nervous system etc. Best Neurologist Doctor in Bangalore is one of the top choices when it comes to cutting- edge neurological care in Bangalore.

The neurology treatment time for any of the neurological disorders depends on the intensity of the ailment and the position it has reached. The figure of all of these doctors is kept affordable to welcome patients coming from different financial sectors. Scroll up to view and select from the wide range of Best Neurologist Doctor in Bangalore.