Our gourmet cookie dough fundraiser can be just what you're searching for if you want to collect money for local primary schools, athletic teams, youth clubs, or churches. You can sell all of our fantastic cookie dough fundraising tubs online. Consider having a product that individuals adore and will continually purchase from you whenever you do a fundraiser. Thus, a gourmet cookie dough fundraiser is one of our most widely used high school or religious fundraiser ideas. Therefore, consider your childhood. Do you recall the flavor of freshly baked cookies coming from your grandmother's oven? Hmmmmm!
Isn't it wonderful how satisfying it is to recall the incident merely? So, this is what people feel when they eat our cookie dough. It is because most individuals like to feel well. The homemade chocolate chip cookies we make have a way of lifting your spirits. See now why it is so simple to sell? Hence, making the Cookie House's products idea for a gourmet cookie dough fundraiser.

Cookie Dough Tubs

You don't have to eat it straight from cookie dough tubs or bake it into biscuits to satisfy your cookie dough craving because it is such a flexible delicacy. In reality, there are countless possibilities! Our cookie dough tubs with our recipe ideas are a must whether you're looking for an excellent holiday pastime, kitchen experience, or something to sate your sweet tooth. Use cookie dough tubs with the recommended precautions, and you will end with a quick and easy-to-make snack.

Pops of Cookie Dough

Are you seeking recipes for party-friendly, bite-sized cookie dough? Pops of cookie dough is the solution! To make this no-bake dough pops, you need nutrition skewers, chocolate for melting, and your preferred toppings. Roll the uncooked chocolate chip cookies into balls, insert a stick in the center (but not entirely thru the ball), and then cover with melted chocolate. Put your choice toppings, such as sprinkles, desiccated coconut, or gold leaf, on them while the cocoa is still gooey, then place them in the refrigerator to solidify.

Sandwich made with cookies

The only way to properly appreciate a container of cookie dough tubs from Cookie House is to sandwich it between two warm cookies. One of our favorite cookie butter dishes is this sandwich made with cookie dough. Rock Your Dough comes in a half-tub, so bake half of it into cookies, scoop part of the remaining crust onto one cookie, drop some chocolate sauce on top for added sweetness, sandwich it between two baked cookies, and presto! You now possess a sandwich made from cookie dough!

Brownies with Cookie Dough

This cookie dough recipe is for you if you're not a good cook but want to appear to be one. With the aid of a box of pasta sauce from the supermarket and cookie dough tubs from Cookie House, you can quickly and easily make these cookie dough brownies. Follow the directions on the brownie mix packaging to prepare the batter. Once done, let it cool for a few minutes before spreading cookie dough evenly over the brownie. After setting it in the fridge, presto!

Cookie House Menu

We now offer our Cookie House Menu through DoorDash. With this mixture, baking our well-known cookie at home is simple. You can make hot, mushy chocolate chip biscuits that impress even the most discerning palate with the least amount of work. The cookies bear Cookie House name and are therefore our pride. This is the reason why we focus so much on making out products with best quality because we value and respect our brand name. The perfect balance of premium cream-based cocoa powder and a generous amount of sea salt give the cookies the classic chocolate chip cookie flavor. In contrast, combining fat and shortening gives them a smooth, rich crumb.

Try our Cookie House Menu if you enjoy baked cookies without a lot of trouble. A piece of butter, an egg, and 1/4 cup of shortening is provided by you. All else, including the combination of quality flours we use in the bakery, is provided by us. If you do not have a stand mixer, you can manually mix the ingredients. The sugar is on top of our mixture. You drop it into the mixer to combine it with the buttery and shortening. Add the egg, add the remaining mixture, and manually stir it together. For two hours, refrigerate the dough. (If you're in a rush, you could avoid this step, but if you have the time, it will allow the water in the dough thoroughly combine, giving the finished product a superior consistency.) You'll never have better homemade cookies than those you spoon onto a baking sheet and bake.