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British Airways is the national airline of the United Kingdom and the largest full-service airline in Britain based on the number of passengers and destinations served. British Airways also owns two subsidiary airlines, BA CityFlyer and BA EuroFly. It ranks second in passenger traffic, behind easyJet, but it is the biggest airline for long-haul flights to the UK.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is the airline's home base. It flies to over 200 destinations worldwide. The airline's primary focus is on intercontinental flights, but it also has a strong domestic network within the UK. It also has a large European route network.

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Ba Airlines Baggage

Carry-On Baggage
Passengers are allowed to bring one item of baggage with them and one personal item.

The free carry-on bag cannot weigh more than 23 kg, or be larger than 56cm x 45cmx25cm (22cmx177cmx9.8") in size.

Personal items may not exceed 23kg in weight or 40 cm x 15 cm (135.7"x5.9", 11.8") in dimensions.

Checked Baggage

The amount of checked baggage permitted will depend on the cabin class the passenger is traveling in. Below is a table listing each cabin's allowance for checked baggage.

Economy Class

British Airways Economy Class is different depending on whether they're short-haul or long-haul.

Euro Traveller

Euro Traveller Economy Class can be used for flights within Europe and the UK. A comfortable cabin will be provided with leather seating and adjustable headrests. LED mood lighting is also available. There are three options for Euro Traveller pricing:

Basic - This includes an assigned seat and hand baggage. Either add a bag or choose a seat on your flight.

Plus -- This fare allows passengers to choose their seat for no additional charge up to 48 hours before departure. They can also request flight changes free of cost on departure day. You can also check more baggage.

Plus Flex -- This fare is flexible in ticket changes and allows passengers to choose where they want to be seated up to an hour before departure.