Maltese Waterproofing understand that you're tired & sick of hearing breaks in your walls and experiencing dizziness as you go down the hallway. You can't open your windows. Your doors never shut. Whenever family and friends drop by, it makes me uncomfortable, and when they go, it makes me angry. You bought your property to serve as your children's base of operation as well as a supply of wealth (a monetary commitment for both you and yours). Your house is a haven from the world, whether you live there alone, with your loved one, or simply with your dog. The collapse of the base jeopardizes everything above it, including wealth, family, and mental stability. And to make matters worse, it pauses your story. 

Maltese Waterproofing is here to serve retirees who want to spend their glory days in peace, as well as artists, engineers, and other professionals. We are available to help you with your foundation repair services. You've got dreams. You've set goals. You're aspirational. Nobody has time for structural failure, which is the very last thing anyone wants (or the money). The truth is that if we don't confront our enemies face, they will continue to loom over us, simmering in the background and preventing complete peace of mind. Your story revolves around you, and Maltese Contracting wants to support you in never settling. They are available to inform, direct, and advise for your foundation replacement job. 

When You Need Foundation Replacement 

Unless there are comparable symptoms and signs indicating foundational breakdown, people typically do not think that there is something wrong with their foundation. Beep, buzzer, Richie! Foundations collapse can cause several aesthetic and structural problems that can give you the impression that you're in a haunted mansion by Stephen King.
If any of the following apply to you: 

• You experience a horrible wave of dizziness as if wobbling on uneven flooring 
• You hear sneaky rattles and groans reverberating through drywall-cracked hallways, you may need foundation repair
• Your doors and windows are challenging to open and shut (this is Johnny) 
• The crookedness of your door frames reminds me of funhouses from the 1990s

But don’t worry foundation repair services from Maltese Contracting are always available for you. 

Types of Home Foundation Repair Services

Any foundation can be destroyed by foundation heaving and acts as a form, which is both brought on by subsoil. Slab-on-grade, basement, and elevated are the three main types of bases, respectively. Nevertheless, we offer bases divided into different headings in our article. Our home foundation repair services include: 

1. Single-pour slabs of concrete that are 4-6 inches thick are used as foundations.
2. Post-tension foundations: a slab 8 inches thick supported by post-tensioned cables
3. Cement footings extend all around the circumference of the floor and are typically 8 feet thick, with structure and manage walls attached.
4. Raised Underpinnings: Any footing with such a crawlspace that is often constructed on stem walls, or concrete footings that are 6 to 10 inches thick. 
5. Piers & Beam Foundation: These are essentially pillar & pad foundations that are erected.

The home remodeling plan can be created once the damaged region has been identified and the extent of the damage has been confirmed.

Foundation Replacement Must Always Include:

• Measurable, which includes Walker Wheel, Floor Elevations, and Laser Tape measurements
• An AutoCAD drawing that is scaled.

These dimensions define the task scope, which is then visually represented in the CAD drawing. The extent of the job is used to create a home Foundation Replacement  plan.

The ideas include:

1. Repair Summary: What is the scope of work? A list of suggested materials and an overall general repair outline.
2. A list of necessary licenses (the time it takes to obtain a permit might range from four to six weeks.)
3. The approximated price of repairs (based on the price of labor and the going rate for supplies)

Push-Pier Dimple Board

The corrective band is affixed to the footing of the foundations after the excavation has been made and the footing has been appropriately filed down for a tight fit. The starter push pier (fitted with a collar to prevent surface tension) could be mechanically driven into the ground via a hydraulic ram once the repair bracket is firmly connected to the manicured footing. It takes a tremendous amount of PSI to drive steel pipe into competent, load-bearing soil, and the size of the ram head increases this requirement.

Read Why PSI Doesn't Mean Loading Value to find out more about how piers are installed mathematically. To ensure that the piers descend straight down and don't deviate off, a guide sleeve is used. The house can be hoisted to its highest practical recovery when each of the pier sites has been pushed down to reliable, load-bearing soil or bedrock. This can be effective for Dimple Board.


To elevate the house back to Node, hydraulic actuators are connected to the sites of the piers. A home can be raised to its realistic maximum recovery in two to three hours. To ensure that the most feasible recovery is made possible at Maltese Contracting, we have a member of the crew inside the house using a Zip level to record floor heights all through the entire lift.