Important Highlights-

  • Fujifilm is all set to launch Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer that’s operable with Instax wide-format film.
  • The Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer is compatible with Fujifilm’s X-S10 mirrorless camera.
  • It will be launched later this month and will be available for $149.95.

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Fujifilm has recently announced to launch a mobile printer that works using Instax wide-format film. This mobile printer is quite similar to one already available Instax Mini Link.

When compared to Instax Mini, Instax Wide film is bigger having the size of two credit cards adjoined by their sides. With this size, the printout you receive may not be easy to carry to and forth in a compact-sized wallet, unlike Instax Mini photos. Other than this, those printouts are viewable and handy for certain other purposes.

Furthermore, the new Link Wide printer can compatibly work with Fujifilm’s X-S10 mirrorless camera launched last year. This will enable you to print directly, with no phone involved. Also, there is an option to print the photos taken with other cameras. To do this, you need to upload them to your phone first and then to the Instax Link app.

According to the claims by Fujifilm, up to 100 Instax printouts are possible with the Link Wide printer on a battery charge. Additionally, you can choose to print in two printing modes, Rich and Natural. These printing modes will allow you to select the print outputs to be either bright and immersive or saturated and classic. Also, it will provide you the ability to edit images in the app with available tools to get the desired output.

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Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer by Fujifilm is set to be launched later this month at the pricing of $149.95. Meanwhile, the company is also planning to introduce a new black-bordered option of Instax Wide film which will available in the pack of 10 for $21.99.