I don't know which school handed down the swordsmanship. Even so eye-catching, Yan Jizheng did not mean to steal learning, only to withdraw his mind and concentrate on martial arts. At last the man drew back his sword. The blade of the sword split a bamboo leaf, stirring the breeze and blowing it on Yan Jizheng's face. Out of the corner of his eye, Yan Jizheng saw the man's clothes and sleeves swinging like heaven and man. In a trance, he was distracted. It's just a matter of a moment! Neijin took a fork in the road. "Jue Shang" was a very self-destructive skill, and it could not tolerate any mistakes. Although Yan Jizheng quickly restrained his mind, he still failed to resist the disorderly Neijin. Suddenly, the internal force collided and twisted into a ball, which made Yan Jizheng look pale and almost vomit blood. His breath seemed to be blocked, and as long as he opened his mouth, he could only let out a groan of pain. And Xie Xu at this time, almost keenly aware of the wrong. He wore the sword to his waist at will, and the black-haired boy slanted his head to Yan Jizheng, who was almost unable to support his body in pain, and frowned slightly. They are all people in the South Bamboo Hall. Xie Xu is not a very enthusiastic and kind person, but he will not stand by and do nothing. He walked over and held the tottering Yan Jizheng at that moment. His voice was calm: "What's wrong with you?" Yan Jizheng's swordsmanship against Xie Xu was amazing, but he was very defensive. He was about to push the man away with a cold face and sit cross-legged to adjust his breath. But at the moment when the man held his wrist, the violent inner strength in his body subsided. Yan Jizheng's eyes flashed a trace of consternation. Good, strong internal force.. Obviously, the naked skin of the other side looks very young. Or caused by exercises. Yan Jizheng thought, because The other side's unfathomable strength, but slightly restrained look, some guard but enough respect tunnel: "Thank you senior." Xie Xu heard the title of "senior" and was slightly stunned. No wonder he didn't remember the other's appearance. It turned out to be a new person in the South Bamboo Hall. It doesn't matter. Yan Jizheng pressed down his inner strength. Suddenly his heart moved. He lowered his eyes and said, "Will the elder still come to practice martial arts tomorrow?" Xie Xu: "I practice dancing here every day." The young prince's mind was even more secret and unpredictable. He covered the complicated thoughts in his eyes and hung his head to show weakness. He was so docile that he could not see any calculation. I will tomorrow.. Can you still come? A top master whose temperament is not violent is absolutely hard to find. Yan Jizheng began to feel that the divine calculation of "benefit in the East" was somewhat meaningful. Chapter 208 the best in the world (25). South bamboo hall is not Xie Xu, not to mention Xie Xu's character is not overbearing, only share a place to practice dancing, there is no reason to stop others. Yan Jizheng only felt that the shadows of the past few days had been dispelled a lot at this time, and the tight frown between his eyebrows also revealed a sense of relaxation. It's the only good thing he's been through these days. The young crown prince bowed down to leave with the courtesy of treating his husband, which was very solemn. Long and narrow phoenix eyes, revealing ambition. · Meeting for several days in a row, Yan Jizheng had forgotten all about the idea of leaving quickly. He had seen Xie Xu practice several kinds of swordsmanship these days, and each set of swordsmanship was exquisite. Even if he didn't mean to steal it, he couldn't help peeping across the border. But the senior's temper was almost unexpectedly good, and he did not get angry because of his behavior. So Yan Jizheng went a step further. One day, he suddenly asked Xie Xu to guide him in his martial arts. It was not "absolute martyrdom", but Yan Jizheng's foreign skills from the secret book. Although it was not a profound martial art, Yan Jizhong only relied on his memories, impact beam tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, and there were inevitably some mistakes and omissions in his moves. And Xie Xu looked down at him and helped him adjust a few postures. Just after a few subtle changes, Yan Jizheng noticed that a set of exercises had come down and were much better than before. At that moment, he was even more awed. Excited, he blurted out, "Would you like to accept me as an apprentice?" Xie Xu's movements slightly. He deliberately changed into a loose silk robe for the sword dance. At this time, he was holding Yan Jizheng's wrist to adjust his moves. Through a layer of translucent sleeves, he could see Yan Jizheng's tight body, which seemed to be very nervous. But Xie Xu himself was still at the level of learning in the hall, and the sword dance had only been practiced for less than a month, so how could he have the nerve to be a teacher, so he refused. Yan Jizheng's eyes dimmed slightly. He had no hope-from the very beginning, his mind was not pure, how to be the apprentice of a top master with such a good temperament as his predecessors. Fortunately, in the next few days, his predecessors did not alienate him. · Yan Jizheng set out at daybreak every day and practiced with Xie Xu for an hour. Then he came back to take care of Qi Zhou Ling and meditated and practiced in his spare time. Sometimes he came early, his clothes were soaked by the heavy fog in the forest, and his eyelashes were frosted, but he could always tidy up his appearance before Xie Xu came, pretending that he had just arrived. But Yan Jizheng did not know that every day after he got up, the seven-year-old young master Qi opened a pair of black and foggy eyes and calmly stared at the shadows of the lamps and candles outside the corridor when he left. Until it disappears. Yan Jizheng is the only person that Qi and Zhou Ling are familiar with now. The child stared at him for dozens of days. Until one day, has been quietly watching Yan Jizheng left, expressionless Qi Zhou Ling, suddenly also turned over from the mattress, put on a small cotton shirt, tiptoe open the door to follow up. Qi Zhou Ling's footsteps are very light, even if Yan Jizheng is not fortified at this time, but a seven-year-old child can not be found by people who practice martial arts, it is simply strange tight. A child is born with a good skeleton. Arriving in the bamboo grove, Yan Jizheng, as usual, came before Xie Xu, and only sat cross-legged to practice. When I heard the sound of the soles of my boots falling on the bamboo leaves, I looked up and saw the slender figure of my predecessors appearing at the end of the bamboo forest. Xie Xu wore a white gown, still covered with silver ornaments, and wore a sword. They get along for half a month has given birth to a tacit understanding, Yan Jizheng stood up a little salute, then began to practice. One is the "sword", one is the palm, but this time Xie Xu has only practiced a style, the sword will slowly stop, homeopathy in the waist. Yan Jizheng has some doubts. Xie Xu's fine,beam impact tubes, dark eyelashes drooped slightly toward a place in the bamboo grove. "Who is he?" He asked calmly. Although his voice was neither happy nor angry, Yan Jizheng's eyes suddenly became sharp, and he looked at what his predecessors had shown rather unkindly. cbiesautomotive.com