Before breaking up, Liang Bifa reeked of alcohol and said, "I've finished my highway project, and I'm just free. The southern new area is expanding fast. You can also get a road for me to repair." Hou Weidong also breathed alcohol and said, "I can trust the technology and character of Betfair, but the rule of the Southern New Area is that all projects must be tendered, and you have to participate in the bidding, but I can say hello to you." Liang Bifa gave Hou Weidong a warm hug and said, "Weidong, you are still as upright as before. I will invite you to drink another day." The next day, Hou Weidong opened his eyes and felt a splitting headache. Looking at the scenery in the house, he was in a trance for a while. When he saw Xiaojia get up, he recalled where he was. How can I say that you are also a cadre at the departmental level? How can you drink so much wine like a hero in Jianghu? Hou Weidong softened his forehead and said, "Liang Bifa is an old friend of Shangqinglin. I will never act shamelessly with his wine." Xiao Jia added, "Do you remember what you promised others when you left yesterday?" Hou Weidong was at a loss. He thought for a while and said, "Is it about the road construction in the southern new area?" "Well, it's against your principles that you promised to say hello." Hou Weidong turned over and got up and said, "This is what drinking caused. But Liang Bifa has no problem with technology,tube fitting manufacturer, and he has strength. There is no problem.". I have a pretty good idea, and don't worry about it. As he was getting dressed, he added, "You have to be smart. Let's make a secret signal. If I don't want to drink and I can't get rid of it, I'll touch my ears with my hands. You have to know how to get up and try to persuade me not to drink. The reason is that someone at home is sick." Xiao Jia spat and said, "What's the reason? Take it back quickly." At the request of Xiaojia,ball valve manufacturer, Hou Weidong said "Pooh, Pooh, Pooh" three times, which was to take back what he had just said. After breakfast, Hou Weidong remembered that his mother had chest pain, so he called his second sister and said, "Second sister, do you have time to take your mother to have a physical examination? My mother has been in pain for several months. Don't have any problems in that position." "What's the matter with you this morning?" Xiao Jia asked. "You always say unlucky words. Take them back quickly." Hou Weidong said "Pooh" three more times. When Xiaojia learned that Liu Guangfen was going to rest for inspection, she immediately called Director Zhang Zhongyuan and said, "Director Zhang, I have something to do at home, so I have to ask for leave." Zhang Zhongyuan did not regard Zhang Xiaojia as a subordinate for a long time, but as an official's wife. He said with a smile, 14 tube fitting ,brass tube fitting, "Don't worry about the affairs of the unit. I heard that Mayor Hou has come back. You accompany Mayor Hou well, which is your contribution to Shazhou City." "Are you free in the evening?" He added. "The Bureau team will invite Mayor Hou to dinner." When Hou Weidong went back to Shazhou, he had too many meals to deal with. But for the sake of Xiao Jia's face, he said, "Then I'll stay another night and meet the director of the Central Plains." Xiao Jia said earnestly, "If you don't want to drink, just touch your ears. I'll act according to circumstances." After breakfast, Xiaojia sat in Hou Xiaoying's BMW and went to the hospital. Hou Weidong surfed the Internet in the room and suddenly felt a panic in his heart. Chapter 758 this is life (part 1). Hou Weidong was restless when he received a call from Chu Xiuhong, secretary of Vice Governor Zhou Changquan. Congratulations to Brother Weidong. The Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee will inform you to talk. It is estimated that there are more than ten leaders who will have a unified talk in the Organization Department. Zhou Changquan's secretary Chu Xiuhong got the news of the conversation and called Hou Weidong at the first time. Hugh Hong, then we will be in a trench again in the future. Chu Xiuhong said with a smile, "Brother Weidong, you are the leader of the provincial government office. I will work under you in the future. I will help and criticize you a lot." "Don't mention it. I should be assisting Governor Zhou in his work. Then we are really a trench." Subsequently, Du Bing, the office of the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, also called, the content was consistent with Chu Xiuhong, and also talked about other personnel arrangements. After receiving these two phone calls, Hou Weidong felt at ease and secretly said, "No wonder I'm restless today. The Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee wants to talk to me." He reflected: "It's easier said than done to be calm in the face of every major event. I've known for a long time that I have to go to the provincial government office, but I'm still a little excited, which shows that I haven't practiced enough.". ” At half past nine, Hou Weidong received a formal notice to talk to the provincial Party Committee Organization Department. At ten o'clock, Yan Chunping and the driver arrived at the crescent downstairs. Xiaojia, I'm going to talk to the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee at two o'clock this afternoon, which is about the transfer to the provincial government office. There are more than a dozen office-level cadres in the province who need to be adjusted and have a collective talk in the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee. Xiaojia stood on the aisle of the hospital and said angrily, "We agreed to have lunch with our parents. How can we just go?" "This is the time arranged by the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee. What can I do?" Hou Weidong did not want to be entangled on this issue, so he immediately changed the topic and said, "Has my mother finished the examination? What's the problem?" Xiaojia knew that Hou Weidong was doing business. Just now, she was just complaining as a wife. After the topic was changed, she was not angry. She said, "I took a CT just now, but I haven't got the result yet. At present, my blood sugar is a little too high." "My mother's body is fat. Let her exercise, but she won't. You should exercise more for her in the future. Don't always sit on the mahjong table." "You have to pay attention to your body and drink less wine. Everything is external except your body." Hou Weidong has always been strong and never worried about his body. He didn't care about Xiaojia's words at all. He laughed and said, "My mother has given me walnuts and sesame seeds since I was a child. She has a good foundation for my body. After another 30 years of squandering, there will be no problem with my body at all." Knowing that what Hou Weidong said was true, Xiao Jia still exhorted: "Don't try to be brave. I read a report that after 35 years old, the body function reached its peak, and then began to enter the downward track." You think too much and worry too much. All right, I'll stop. There's another call coming in. Still,hydraulic fitting supplier, Xiao Jia kept saying, "I'm not worrying too much. There's a lesson in blood here." Just then, Jiang Xiao accompanied Liu Guangfen out of the examination room.