The watch of bazaar does not have really hundreds of thousands of cannot fall, Zhao Xiao opens one's mouth, vague way: "Also not very expensive, more than 500..." Song Jin continued to look at the watch, and then said to Zhao Xiao: "You should bargain." Zhao Xiao: "Your Majesty is really good at joking. You can't bargain for things in the market." "Is it?" Song Jin smiled meaningfully, then put the watch on his wrist, and then raised his hand to show Zhao Xiao, happy way: "Xiao, I still like it very much." Zhao Xiao smiled cooperatively: "It's good that the emperor likes it." If Song Jin knew that this watch only cost 108 yuan, would she dislike it. In fact, before giving the gift, Zhao Xiao felt that the gift of 108 was quite good. As a result, Song Jin's "very expensive" immediately raised the price of the watch more than five times. Zhao Xiao is a little guilty, causing Song Jin to come to her after dinner, a little afraid to look directly at Longyan. Song Jin came to call her tonight, not to let her go to him to do her homework, nor to test her recent learning situation. To her surprise, Song Jin was going to invite guests to sing. When she opened her mouth, she still looked like she went to KTV every day. Song Jin looked down at the time on her wrist and raised her head: "It's still early. Let's go to KTV to sing." Zhao Xiao: ".." —— Song Jin asked for a couple's box in the Rainbow Paradise in the city center. He followed the waiter to the box. Zhao Xiao immediately rushed to the song-ordering platform and began to order songs. After ordering a few songs he wanted to sing, he looked up and asked Song Jin: "Your Majesty, do you want to sing a song?" Song Jin cleared her throat and shook her head stiffly: "No." Zhao Xiao is definitely not a person who stops while he is getting better: "Last time I found several songs on your mobile phone." It means that your Majesty,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, don't hide it. You look like you want to sing. Don't be too hypocritical. Song Jin came over to Zhao Xiao and said, "You sing first, and I'll order it myself later." "Okay." When the music sounded on the big screen, Zhao Xiao picked up the wheat on the tea table and looked up and said to Song Jin, "I sang first." Song Jin nodded: "Sing." Say that finish, sit down on the edge of Zhao Xiao, then reach out to embrace her, embrace her to his thigh. Zhao Xiao simply took off his shoes and half leaned on Song Jin. When the music sounded,38 needle valve, he began to sing sentence by sentence, from "Stories of a Small Town" to "Can't Afford to Hurt" in the top of the charts. After singing, he gasped in Song Jin's arms. Song Jin poured a glass of clear water and handed it to Zhao Xiao: "I have neglected to exercise again recently. I am already weak." Zhao Xiao took a sip of the water and handed the wheat to Song Jin: "Your Majesty, please sing instead." —— Song Jin turned over and over at the song-ordering stage for a long time and turned her head to ask Zhao Xiao, "Why isn't there that song?" "Which one?" Zhao Xiao climbed up from the sofa behind Song Jin and put his head close to him. "Your Majesty, what song are you looking for?" Song Jin coughed slightly and unnaturally, then pushed her aside and continued to look through the song-ordering platform. Zhao Xiao did not give up, but said, "Do you want me to help you?" Song Jin turned his face and gave Zhao Xiao a warning look. Zhao Xiao finally stopped being warm-hearted to help Song Jin order songs and let him grope for them. After a while, a new song appeared on the screen immediately. It was Song Jin's "Live Five Hundred Years Again". Zhao Xiao looked at the screen, the emperor actually can cut the song, put his own song on the top, but also her song "Love Business" cut off. When the prelude of "Live Another Five Hundred Years" sounded, Song Jin picked up another microphone, paused for a long time, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,14 needle valve, and then began to sing: "Along the gentle curve of the ups and downs of the rivers and mountains, the Central Plains and the North and the South of the Yangtze River, facing the affectionate company of ice skates, snow swords and wind and rain, I cherish the golden years that heaven has given me.. Looking at the iron hoof clanging across thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, I stand on the cusp of the wind and waves, holding the sun and the moon tightly rotating.. Zhao Xiao squatted on the sofa, singing Song Jin was the first time she saw, although out of tune in several places, Zhao Xiao's heart kept beating and beating, she reached out to touch her chest, feeling to shock. "May the fireworks world be peaceful and happy, and I really want to live another five hundred years.." Lovers box light blurred, Song Jin's face and look hidden in the flashing lights, Zhao Xiao looked up at him, only to feel a little sour corner of the eye, chest warm tingling waves swept up, such Song Jin, like stepping on thousands of mountains and rivers, even if the body has been exhausted, but the heart still has the faith that does not fall. At the end of the music, Zhao Xiao immediately clapped his hands: "The emperor sings really, really, really well!" Holding the microphone in her hand, Song Jin turned her face and sang another song. It was an English song called "Take me to your heart". When Zhao Xiao held his cheeks in his hands and listened to Song Jin singing the song, he secretly translated the name of the song in his heart. Let me get to your heart? Keep me close to your heart? Zhao Xiaotong blushed, as if there was a heat wave in his head, as if a voice sounded in his ear: Zhao Xiao, listen quickly, this song is sung by Song Jin for you. It's really "infinite honor, infinite glory." Later, in the second year of Song Jin's departure, when Zhao Xiaopan sat on the ground listening to the song, it turned out that the song "Take me to your heart" had a Chinese name, called "Kiss Goodbye". That night, Zhao Xiao listened to a night of "kiss goodbye", she is really brain is not good, it will take more than a year to understand Song Jin just to say goodbye to her. As soon as Song Jin finished singing, the cell phone on the tea table rang. Because she was exactly the same as Song Jin's cell phone, Zhao Xiao was used to reaching out for it. Just as she was about to reach out, Song Jin picked up the vibrating cell phone on the table, looked at the display screen, and said to Zhao Xiao, "I'll go out and answer the phone." Zhao Xiao raised his head and said, "I'm waiting for you to come back." Song Jin nodded, then walked out of the box, picked up the phone to answer: "What's the matter?"? Yourong. 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