She changed her liking to love this time. However, whether this is love or not, who knows. Murong Xuan's forward footsteps stopped, slowly, he turned Ang Zang's body, a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes shooting bloodthirsty light. Sow dissension After the red coat fell in the mud, his back was cold and his hands were pinched into the mud. Her little face was pale, but she pretended to be calm. Murong Xuan's long and narrow Danfeng eyes stared coldly at the red coat, and then. He walked towards her step by step, like mountains and rivers, like thousands of horses. Although the red coat is afraid of the bottom of my heart, however, the man in front of me has been hiding in my heart for a long time. Even if he doesn't have her in his heart now, even if she is close to him, she will disappear. If you can be with him, even if it is beyond redemption?! After the red coat thought so, he took a deep breath. Then her fingers sank deeper into the mud. She bit her red lips and continued to take strong medicine to Murong Xuan! "You are the prince of Dayuan Kingdom. What can't you get? Why do you want to humiliate yourself and entangle with the merchant's daughter.." "She doesn't have you in her heart at all,alloy die casting, if she really has you." Why didn't you just marry Wang Ye at the beginning, and why did you want to get married in the arena?! With your identity, what do you want. But so infatuated with her, in exchange for the end of the separation now. Do you think it's worth it? …… The red coat tried her best to disintegrate Murong Xuan's psychological defense, and her nails pinched into the mud were almost bent and broken. However, Murong Xuan is a face of cold standing in front of her, quietly. However,Investment casting parts, Murong Xuan's left hand has been faintly emitting a dark and treacherous light. The breath of the red coat became heavier and heavier, and there was an indescribable sense of fear. And the sky has changed from dark to darker. Night is coming. Just when the red coat was cold and the hands in the mud seemed to grow inside. Murong Xuan finally spoke, his eyelids slightly raised: "Red.." Right "Huh?" The red coat was stunned. Obviously, she did not react to the situation just now, so she could only nod. Murong Xuan's cold face did not change, and he said: "Me, Wang Ye?" Something's wrong! The reason why something is wrong Then, the heart of the red coat began to feel wrong again. However, she still dared to ask out her previous doubts. "Wang Ye." Do you remember that the red coat is.. Who are you? Murong Xuan's sword eyebrows suddenly frowned, and his hands suddenly clenched into fists! The creaking of the joints made the hair on the back of the red coat stand up in an instant. Is her guess wrong?! Seven princes, have you lost your memory? Red really wants to know, perhaps, Stainless steel foundry ,deep draw stamping, this will be her biggest opportunity. At this time, Murong Xuan suddenly raised his left hand! By flashing lightning from time to time, the sharp-eyed red saw the faint floating black fog on Murong Xuan's left hand. Without waiting for her to think, Murong Xuan frowned into the word'Chuan '. Then His left hand could not help pinching himself again. This time the target is the neck! The right hand once again wanted to stop, this time I do not know how to return a responsibility, just a moment of time. Murong Xuan's hand had no time to use much strength, the whole person suddenly fell down. In a flash, his tall figure fell on the body of the red coat and remained motionless. Ah The red coat screamed in fright. However, she soon recovered from her excitement. Trembling hand to Murong Xuan's nose, fortunately, there is breathing. The red coat was afraid that Murong Xuan would just faint for a moment, so he reached out to push him. As he pushed, he shouted, "Wang Ye.." Wang Ye. Murong Xuan did not move at all, and the red coat that was secretly speculating saw his left hand with an abnormal color! The red coat embraced Murong Xuan's tall body and reached out to grab his left palm. The palm is already black, and the back of the hand is almost rendered black. The red coat held his breath, endured, and carefully reached out to lift Murong Xuan's arm. On his arm, the veins bulged, and the heart of his left hand and the black mist on the back of his left hand seemed to wriggle through the tendons. The red coat was so frightened that she almost fell back, and she loosened Murong Xuan's hand. Accidental carriage In the heart secretly thought: Is Murong Xuan's wrong with this left hand?! The red coat thought so and looked up at the sky that had gradually darkened. I was already wet all over, and it was so cold and scary. Thinking to himself, the red coat laboriously propped up Murong Xuan. Then she stood up carefully. In fact, the red coat wants to hold Murong Xuan to find a place to change clothes first. Otherwise, both of them will be sick because of the rain. However, when the red coat wanted to pick up Murong Xuan, he deeply understood. In fact, only with her strength as a woman, there is no way to take Murong Xuan away. Just when she was at her wits' end, a carriage appeared. In the heavy rain, a car was covered with oil paper cloth. At a glance, I couldn't see the color clearly, and I couldn't see the oil-paper cloth getting off the carriage. The red coat could only see a horse, a cart and the driver with a coir raincoat. On the spot, the carriage was stopped by the driver. The red coat was startled. Could it be someone who came to look for the seven princes? The red coat is planning to take Murong Xuan to turn around, not to let the driver or the people on the carriage find Murong Xuan. Who knows, she is just strong to turn Murong Xuan some. The driver with the coir raincoat on the carriage had already jumped to the side of the red coat and Murong Xuan! "Ah.." The driver in red suddenly appeared like a ghost, and his three souls and six souls went a lot. Just when she had no idea, the driver who stopped them said coldly: "In the past,die cast light housing, I.." The master wants to see you! Red eyes turn badly, holding Murong Xuan refused to say: "Big Brother.." Did you make a mistake? I We don't know you. With these words, the red coat wanted to help Murong Xuan leave.