Xiao Yan said, "The only explanation is that what Mrs. Yu saw at this time was the head of the orchid, but the body was not the head of the orchid.". This blood is coming out of the patchwork. "Could it be.." said Yue Jie. Are there two bodies?! There was an unstoppable tremor in his voice. Small Yan nods: "It is two corpses not only, also be two decorate, two rooms!" Yue Jie said in a trembling voice, "The more room is the ground, but what about the more body?" Little Yan said, "Mr. Yue, do you still remember that there was a little girl on the boat who was said to have sharp teeth, but she never appeared later.." The so-called cruelty of Yang Mengzhu just now refers to this kind of innocent person who has no power to tie a chicken. He sighed again, turned his eyes away, and never looked at Yang Yizhi again. Yue Jie wanted to argue again, but found that Xiao Yan's inference was very reasonable, almost indisputable! He opened his mouth a few times, but finally he did not speak. "I wouldn't have guessed that," said Xiao Yan. "Does Mr. Yue remember that Japanese boy? Once he ran into Miss Tang's room and was beaten up. Do you remember? "Of course I remember," said Yue Jie. But what does he have to do with it? "The boy had come to seek refuge with me," said Xiao Yan, "but he didn't want the rooms in the cabin to look much the same, so he went into Miss Tang's room by mistake. At that time, I had a flash of inspiration in my mind. It seemed that I remembered something important, but I just couldn't recall it. Later, I confirmed it in many ways and finally figured out the joints, but the six lives could never be saved. Xiao Yan sighed lightly and made a gesture of folding his hands. At this point, his inference is complete, regardless of motive, technique, time, location, have locked Yang Yizhi, Yue Jie heart also rose a burst of doubt, can not help but turn to look at Yang Yizhi! But Yang Yizhi's face did not change at all, as if he had not heard what they were saying, and as if all this had nothing to do with him,Coil Nail Making Machine, he was just a spectator! Yue Jie couldn't help asking softly, "Leader Yang.." Do you think you have any excuses? Yang Yizhi smiled and held his head high. Embarrassed, Yue Jie touched his head and opened his mouth a few times. He seemed to have suddenly made up his mind. "Leader Yang!" He shouted! Although the old man is not worth anything in your eyes, the old man's martial arts can not be compared with you, but if you commit a crime, these people are really killed by you, even if the old man fights for his life, he will bring you to justice! But you have to understand one thing, the old man caught the murderer, not the leader of the alliance or your Highness. If you have any excuse, you may as well say it, and the old man is all ears. Although he spoke loudly, Yang Yizhi turned a deaf ear and closed his eyes instead. Yue Jie wanted to say something more. Xiao Yan stopped him gently and said, "If Leader Yang refuses to say anything, it's useless for you to beg him." Fortunately, not talking can prove a lot of things. As soon as he had finished speaking, he moved. A move, Coil nail machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, as in the nine heavens above! The two great masters who have stirred up the world today have finally met! As soon as Xiao Yan raised his hand and put it down, a large area of purple light with cold air overflowed from his hand, like the Milky Way flashing vertically and horizontally, and rolled up to Yang Yizhi. In a flash, the cabin was glittering and shining, and all the utensils seemed to be plated with a layer of sapphire blue glow, which looked bright and bright. Xiao Yan's eyes were as deep and wide as the moonlight in this glow, as if he were feeling pity for the innocent dead and sighing for the evildoers in front of him. All the light dimmed, as if it had been suddenly gathered by a nameless force and compressed in front of Yang Yizhi. Yang Yizhi just held it in his left hand. He suddenly opened his eyes, and the cabin was like a very bright flash of lightning, which made Yue Jie unable to open his eyes. Yang Yi's hand rippled with a halo, like the front and back, like the left and right, his body seemed to be suddenly misty, like a shadow hanging in the air, but Xiao Yan's butterfly True Qi could not stick to his body at all. Xiao Yan's face sank slightly, and as soon as he lifted his hand, the light seemed to rise from his hand and turn into a physical package to Yang Yizhi. Wind, ghost, butterfly, silk. The legendary secret weapon from the capital of the nether world, the ancient magic weapon from the tears of the gods. A large area of flashing butterfly silk forms a huge mesh, which is wrapped around Yang Yizhi. Yang Yizhi did not dodge, he just raised his index finger and drew his chest. Suddenly, like a strong sunlight, his fingers were like a lamp in the dark, gathering all the light together, and all living beings in the world seemed to be dim. Feng Yue Jian Qi! The traceless sword appeared with the wind and the butterfly silk, and suddenly there was a kind of vibration in the air, sweeping the whole cabin like a water vein, like a stamen containing dew, reflecting the whole world in it. Yang Yi's sword gas has not yet been sent out, the whole body clothes have been bulged up, the whole person is like a staggered light and shadow, sometimes visible and sometimes hidden, born posture, just like the immortal. But although the others did not move, the strength was hovering like a tornado, as if it was about to strike at any time. Xiao Yan's purple clothes fluttered like butterfly wings and penetrated in the dazzling light. The body is drifting, and the little blue light on the body keeps spreading out, just like the endless rain of flowers falling from the sky. The sleeves of his robe are spread out like a dancing wheel, and thousands of butterflies are like auspicious lights, holding his lavender clothes. In an instant, the entire cabin has been completely closed, such as the strength of the vortex with his dance can not be condensed, and then pieces of oblique roll flying out, with Yang Yizhi's sword gas interlaced together. Two people move one static, small Yan calmly test, Yang Yizhi is quietly waiting for the best killing machine. The two men had not yet confronted each other head-on, but the killing intention of the sky had made people unable to breathe, and they could not help retreating step by step when they saw that all the minds were lost and soul-stirring. He heard Xiao Yan sighing, "It's a pity that the leader of the alliance refuses to benefit the world with such skill." Yue Jie felt that the pressure on his body was suddenly heavy, and Xiao Yan jumped up like a flying fairy outside the sky, and turned into a cloud of light, shooting down to Yang Yizhi. Yang Yizhi suddenly became completely still,nail manufacturing machine, and all the rays of light rapidly converged into his body, as steady as a rock. Although Yuejie Xiuwei is far away from the two men, he also knows that it is the critical time to decide life and death. 3shardware.com