"Shall I open the door?" "Heferger and Tutu spoke at the same time, while the others gritted their teeth and did not answer." Boom! Boom! Boom!.. The knock on the door had turned into a crash, the solid wood door vibrated violently, cracks began to appear, and the light on the paper became brighter and brighter. Get back, all of you! Baili Mengyan retreated from the crowd and stood relatively close to the door, with an ivory Xuantian rosary making a slight roar, faintly like a dragon singing. Without warning, there was a loud bang, and the door broke into pieces of wood. In the flying sawdust, the figure outside the door was still clear. Mrs. Yetelena stood there, with bulging eyes, a horrible face, like a mummy, and long hair like withered grass. Villaqiang covered his mouth so that he did not scream in pain. Just last night, the woman who comforted her died. Even the body can't rest in peace. Oberlet, they took something as a weapon and surrounded Vera. Lady Yetelena took a step forward, and there was a cluck of bone friction between her joints. Her thin neck turned, and she seemed to notice that her posture was all open and her face was indifferent. Her shriveled body trembled and rushed over. Before she got close, she picked up a lotus hand and clapped it in the air. Lady Yetelena hit the wall hard. Before it had completely fallen to the ground, the mummy suddenly disappeared from sight. Only to hear a hundred miles dream Yan cried out "squat down",iron nail machine, the voice did not fall, is a painful and miserable scream. Si Qianxu looked back in horror, stared, and let the bloody beating heart roll to his feet. In front of him, Blue Ainley had a big hole in his back, revealing a hand that looked like a skeleton. The owner of the hand is Mrs. Yetelena. Almost everyone was petrified by this scene, and an emotion called fear spread in their hearts. With a low curse, Baili Mengyan split out a gas blade out of thin air and swept the mummy away. Hefej took Vera back again,Iron Nail Making Machine, and Oberlet looked sadly at his steward, then, together with the emblem, pasted the paper on the mummies near them. Mrs. Yetelena let out a beast-like howl, and with a clap of one hand, she smashed the whole head of the closest emblem, and her brains burst and splashed in an instant. The bloody scene in front of us is disgusting, and many people's stomachs are already rolling, trying not to let themselves be distracted at the critical moment of life and death. Baili Mengyan shouted, "The God of Fire, Zhu Rong, borrow the law and burn it!" All of a sudden, the fire swept over Mrs. Yetelena's whole body and quickly turned into a pile of ashes in the roar. I don't know if it's an illusion, but the air at this moment seems to condense for a moment. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, a magnified headless man appeared in Si Qianxu's eyes. Fear flooded his mind for a moment, wire nail making machine ,Nail Making Machine price, and his throat seemed to be frozen, and he leaned back instinctively. Asahi!! Baili Mengyan was startled and flew over to take Si Qianxu away from the original place to avoid the fatal blow from the other side. Vera limps to the ground, and Hoefeger turns to help, kicking the resurrected corpse away with a side kick. The headless emblem flew a few meters and fell on Blue Amway's heart, smashing it into mince. And Baili Mengyan and Si Qianxu are also entangled by Blue Anli here. Oberlet stopped the Tuba emblem and looked at Blue Anley with unbearable eyes. Holding Si Qianxu in his arms with one hand, Baili Mengyan suddenly pinched him, spread out his five fingers, and burst into flames in the palm of his hand. Blue Ainley was the first to bear the brunt and let out a terrible cry. I don't know how long it took, maybe just a few minutes, but the bodies of Tu Tu Hui and Blue Anli also turned to ashes. Everyone seemed to collapse and gasped for breath. Looking at the floor full of wolves, Si Qianxu felt as if he was in a dream, and the fear just now almost stopped his heart. One moment they were fighting each other, but in a twinkling of an eye, the three companions disappeared. Baili Mengyan looked at him and found that there was no injury before he was relieved. Sniff! Suddenly, the silence was broken by a low laugh, and the voice was full of contempt. The crowd was startled again. Who Cried Oberlet. Sniff! Is a sneer, this time heard the direction, everyone looked outside the door, the heart suddenly a chill. Outside the door is a corridor, in the shadow of the corridor, standing a person, from the height, should be a man. He was dressed in a vintage ornate black robe with rolled gold, and his rare silver hair fell to his knees, shimmering like silver phosphorus. The face is blurred, only to see a pair of dazzling eyes like stars, which are full of vicissitudes of life and hatred, enduring the ashes of being destroyed and corroded by the years, cold and incomparable. Humble, selfish, backtracking human beings.. He opened his mouth, his voice deep and strangely hoarse, and then he laughed, sarcastically and bitterly. What an ugly face! Not sure of the other side's intentions, no one dared to refute his words. One by one all sanctimonious, pretend to be how aloof, is not the same with the same kind to exchange their own cheap life! Text Volume 1: Decay Year (13) Updated: 2010-12-9 12:42:47 Words in this Chapter: 2178 You are.. Ming Lian? The mind turned for a moment, a hundred miles dream Yan long exhaled a few breaths, asked the same guess in the hearts of all. Such a hatred of human beings, and such a terrible power, coupled with the appearance of the Black Lily before, who else is there besides the legendary vampire Hades? But was he really not burned to death by the Duke of Ramosu, as Vera said? The man paused and his searching eyes shot over. For a long time, he withdrew his sight and said, "Since you know me, do you know where that bastard Ramosu is?!" The words are full of disgust and hatred. So that's an admission that he's a vampire, right? Si Qianxu and others looked at each other, and finally Oberlet came forward: ".." The Duc de la Motieux is dead. The other side of the body almost invisible a tremor,Nail production machine, as if there was a moment of stunned, then laughed out loud, unbridled and evil crazy. 3shardware.com