"Forget it. Hurry up and inform Ah Bao that he's lost here!" Without looking at Jiang Shanshan again, one of the seemingly leading elder brothers assigned tasks in an orderly manner. Whew! Stealthily swallowed saliva, Jiang Shanshan quietly back, one step, two steps, three steps, run! "Bang!" "Oops!"! Who is so blind? Covering her forehead, Jiang Shanshan roared angrily, looking at the unknown obstacle that had almost caused her to fall. Are you all right? Beauty Feel the chest, no pain and a little itching feeling. Lan Xinrui grinned his white teeth and asked the bold little beauty with concern! "Ah!"! It's you! Raise your head, wow, is it Lan Xinrui? Jiang Shanshan cried out in her heart. No, it's great! The golden bachelor of the top ten was really standing in front of her now, and he looked very amiable. If you can't grab the news of Quan Zhihao, the news value of the handsome man in front of you is not low. Oh? You know me? Lan Xinrui glanced proudly at Reicher beside him. See, he is very famous. He wanted to say something more, but was robbed by a distant cry. Shanshan, come here quickly! Photographer Adu shouted desperately. He dragged the heavy machine and squeezed in. Jiang Shanshan,Nail machine manufacturer, who was doing the report, was not in place. But There is a trace of hesitation, back and forth between Lan Xinrui and Adu wandering, is such a big news so let it fly? "Hurry up!" The roar became more and more violent like a storm. Hard-hearted, forget it! Save being scolded! "Come on!"! Come on With a shallow smile, Jiang Shanshan nodded politely and ran forward. Standing on one side, Lan Xinrui looked at Jiang Shanshan's dexterous and slender figure,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, drew an arc at the corners of her mouth, and then whistled loudly. Then he straightened his slightly messy hair and stepped into his red Porsche. Hearing the whistle, Jiang Shanshan, who was still running, braked and suddenly turned around, "God, are all rich people high-level hooligans now?" "Jiang Shanshan!" "Come, come, stop screaming!" Chapter 7 Boss, this is the information you want! Please have a look! A man who looks like a thief but wears an expensive suit obsequiously offers a thick information with both hands. Open the document, Bao Feng only put his eyes on the document, never looked at him more. This disappointed the mouse-eyed man with a fawning face. He, but risked his life to collect those information, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, if Liu Chen was found, he would not die to go down half a life. She's a surgeon? Not coming out at all! Bao Feng seemed to be talking to himself, with more praise in his tone. Yes! General Manager Liu sent his sister abroad to study long ago and came back this year! I heard that General Manager Liu wants to open a hospital for his sister! "I can't see that boy still has a love affair with his sister!" Flipping through it at random, he just threw the thick stack of information on the table. As long as he is the woman Bao Feng wants, there is no one who can not get it, write a check, spend some money, those women can all wag their tails. However, this time is not the same, he wants to find a surrogate mother, and let him think of is Liu Chen's sister. Liu Chen Yijing's facial features are good and returned from abroad, and her IQ should not be low. Marrying her can not only satisfy his father's wishes, but also contribute to business contacts. Perhaps it can also improve his inexplicable bad relationship with a building. Think about it, why not? Still thinking. "President!"! General Manager Han's phone! The little secretary's soft voice drifted into the huge office. Don't answer! It's Lan Xinrui again. Why does he always follow him? Does he have money on his ass? "General Manager Han said it was very serious!"! I must tell you face to face! Tell him it's a big deal that he's dead! Call again and say I'm not here! Hung up the phone angrily. He stuffed himself into the leather boss chair. He has been very annoyed recently. The financial crisis, his mother had a car accident, and his father was hospitalized. He was busy until three o'clock in the morning every day. He didn't even have time to relieve the needs of men. Even if Lan Xinrui didn't come to help, he would still bother him! If the friend is to add to the confusion, then he would rather not have the friend. Wow! Shit! Bao Feng, you don't have to curse me like this, do you? I want to live a few more years to be filial to my parents! The person who shouldn't have appeared at this time appeared at the muzzle of the gun without vision, and also talked endlessly. With a wave of his hand, he hinted that the mouse-eyed man was leaving, and Lan Xinrui leaned proudly in the doorway. "If you have something to say, fart quickly!" Did not look up, he, really busy, a stack of contracts, but no one can rely on to help. Oh, no big deal! I just miss you! Sitting gracefully opposite Bao Feng, Han Meiren stared at his actions with a slight smile. Eh? Why didn't you get angry? Is it the calm before the storm? "Then get out!" Ah! Sure enough! Fierce little Bao Bao tore off the tie around his neck. Is it going to start? "Ouch!"! Look how anxious you are! I haven't even taken a shower yet. !” Han Meiren stepped back shyly, eh? Shy? He can really fake it. Making Bao Feng angry has always been the patent of his Korean beauty, and hit every shot. What is the king of stocks? The frat boy who grew up in his pants will be the cold man of the outside world? Not exactly! He is very enthusiastic now. Pressing the temple on the forehead, Bao Feng tried to calm himself down, "You'd better give a reason, or I'll call you to jump off the building directly!" He glanced out of the window! Yeah, throwing it from the 33rd floor will definitely shut someone's annoying mouth. Yo, threat! Come on, it's not a good thing. We came to see you out of kindness. Tell you what, don't cry!? Han Meiren lit a high-grade cigar and then put on an expression that people could not guess. What's the matter? Bao Feng frowned, Lan Xinrui is rarely smoking, always said that the skin is not good,Nail machine supplier, but today, even their own initiative to ignite, is his father had an accident? "Yidong's sister is dead!" Chapter 8. 3shardware.com