Astrology is a multidisciplinary and humanist study nourished by the ancient knowledge of the Sumerians, Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, and Arabs… At a certain moment, thanks mainly to the studies of the psychoanalyst Carl Jung, astrology evolves and is used to delve into the world of the psyche and self-knowledge.Jupiter Moon Transit helps to know future of a person.

Defining astrology means positioning yourself according to the use you make of it. The language of the stars is the shortest way to know who you are and why you are here. On the other hand, it is also a way of life, a philosophy and a beautiful way to filter reality and understand our moments.


What is an astral chart?

An astral chart is an instant photograph of the celestial vault at a specific moment. Normally, we take out the birth chart of a person and study it to delve into their personality, their strengths, their weaknesses, the opportunities that person will find in their life, the obstacles they will have to overcome, etc.

However, we can also calculate the birth chart of a business launch, a wedding, the start of a relationship, our pet, or even a country. You can calculate the astral chart of everything with a defined beginning, and the information you provide will always be relevant and useful.Jupiter Moon Astrology helps to make this type of chart.

Is all this related to tarot and clairvoyance?

With clairvoyance, not, astrology is a symbolic language, not a method of divination. Intuition indeed becomes a very useful quality for an astrologer, as it is for a coach, a psychoanalyst, a therapist, or anyone who works face-to-face with clients. Still, there are more important things. What is essential is the knowledge of the language, the technique, and the mastery of interpreting the symbols.Mars Jupiter Transit is way to know about nature of human.

However, the arcana depend on the roll made, while in astrology, the planets are there, shining in the heights; no one needs to shuffle the cards. They mark our rhythms and collective times. They reflect our reality on earth: “As above, so below.” “As in heaven as on earth.”

Can astrology be integrated into the individual’s development work?

Of course! But this is something that Jung already started more than a century ago. It seems a novelty when we have been working with it for decades. I know psychologists who use astrology regularly because it saves them a lot of time in therapy. Through astrology, the person sees himself reflected and begins to understand why.

When someone interprets your natal chart correctly, it is as if they suddenly unravelled all your mysteries, fears, traumas… You have the feeling that this person knows everything about your life and yourself without even opening your mouth. . And some are shocked, but most find the consolation that there was a reason, an explanation and, consequently, there will also be a solution.