What is a Polygon wallet and how to use it?

For storing crypto assets, we must own a crypto wallet that gives us complete peace of mind and also lets us have complete control over the funds that we have stored over it. However, not all wallets may work with all the tokens. Therefore, you need to find a compatible wallet that allows you to store the crypto assets that you have in your possession. Well, the Polygon wallet is something that is specifically developed for the storage of MATIC and PRC20 standard tokens. So, if you are dealing with any crypto token that works on the Polygon blockchain, then the Polygon wallet is something that could help you with it.

Yes, you read that absolutely right. With this wallet by your side, you can send as well as receive MATIC and PRC20-standard tokens on the go. Not just that, it also allows you to interact with the applications that are available on the Polygon platform. And the most important feature of this wallet is that you are the sole owner of the wallet.

Now, that you have understood enough details about what the Polygon wallet is, let us now proceed with learning how to use it.

Learn to use the Polygon wallet

  1. In this scenario, your first step is to create a MetaMask wallet
  2. For this, you can download the MetaMask extension on your browser
  3. After adding its extension, please set up the wallet to get started
  4. Add the MATIC Mainnet and for this, first, click on the Ethereum Mainnet
  5. Click on the "Custom RPC" option
  6. In the form that appears, enter the requested data and click "Save"
  7. Now, create your Polygon wallet and connect the MetaMask wallet to it
  8. When you receive the signature request, click on the "Sign" option
  9. As soon as you have signed the transaction, you can select "Polygon wallet" from the list
  10. Hurrah! You have successfully completed the task
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Although using Polygon wallet may appear to be difficult at first. But, once you establish the connection, there is nothing that could stop you from using this wallet or the features available in it. If you come across any kind of error during the process, please repeat it after some time or check and rectify any network/internet issues. We hope you were able to start using the Polygon wallet by referring to the given information.