Who is a Sexologist?

A few years ago, going to a sexologist was highly taboo. Nobody would ever feel at ease discussing their private moments. Recently, as societies have advanced, people are gradually becoming more liberal about such issues as sexual problems and are beginning to see sexologists more frequently.

Sexologists assert that their clientele is larger than ever. Couples' ability to experience intimacy to a significant degree is greatly diminished by stressful competitive lives, ego conflicts, and individualistic thinking. Therefore, there is generally a greater need for sexologist assistance today.


What are the qualifications of a Sexologist?

There aren't many degree programs specifically designed for sexologists. Since sex can be studied in a variety of academic fields, you can become a sexologist by earning a variety of graduate degrees.

A degree in physiology, biology, anthropology, social psychology, public health, or women's studies can also be used to become a sexologist in addition to the degrees in psychology, sociology, and medicine previously mentioned.

Basically, in order to become a sexologist, you must earn a doctoral, master's, or another advanced degree in a subject that allows you to conduct sex research. Since sexual behavior is influenced by a person's biology, psychology, and the society they choose to live in, a complete understanding of sexual behavior necessitates information from a variety of perspectives.

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