Sex dolls are very good, but are they missing real dolls compared to the very portable and foldable life size dolls they used before? Your Order This question was a good one and gave me an idea. We all know that real love dolls have built-in skeletons, especially love dolls, which perfectly mimic human bones to install and modify built-in skeletons. You can have a person pose a certain fixed pose, but you can't "fold" a person. Words are rough and not rough! how to break? Compared to the strong sense of realism that sex dolls exist, carrying and folding are no longer important, love dolls and sex dolls that cannot be folded accurately and are not highly portable. The biggest difference between inferior so-called dolls! A quick comparison can be made: what is foldable and extremely portable? I'm sure my friends who know this will understand, because the material similar to the raincoat looks, feels and feels bad, it's irresistible to look, touch and use. What can't be folded freely and not convenient to carry? The biggest advantage of real love dolls is their realism compared to the rough and irresistible appearance of sex dolls. Even if it can be folded at will, it is not acceptable for those who are very portable and have low demands. Why? Who wouldn't want to get caught in plastic paper or umbrella cloth? Furthermore, anyone who has used a sex doll knows that it leaks and needs frequent repairs. If you buy a sex doll and think it folds and is portable, editors should ask. Hold your pocket tight, watch out for leaks, and stick it in! After reading the above text, I think you should understand. Compared to the "reality of love dolls", the so-called portable and convenient folding characteristics of sex dolls no longer matter.

170 cm center chest exquisite love doll sunshine beautiful and moving

Why are love dolls so expensive?

If you haven’t purchased sex toys in a while, you may be having sex toy sticker shock and asking yourself, “Why are sex toys so expensive?” The answer to that is simple: People have recognized that sex toys have been made without regard for safety for far too long. Therefore, mass production and the use of materials that contain toxins have made many love doll manufacturers take notice and change their processes.

So, with those changes have come higher prices in some of the sex toy markets. Unfortunately, you can still find cheaply-made, toxic sex toys at a steal along with sex toys claiming to be safe when they’re not. But do you really want to put something like that in or on your body for the sake of saving a few bucks? I certainly hope not!

For that reason, I am going to answer the question, “Why are sex toys so expensive?” by explaining the details more in depth. And, hopefully, it will help you to you see that sex toys should be viewed as an investment in your pleasure and not a one-night-stand adult novelty.

Why are sex toys so expensive? Because they are made of higher quality materials that last longer and are safer for the body. Those safer materials include silicone, ABS plastic, glass, stainless steel and wood. Sure, the thought of a glass sex toy may be frightening. However, the alternatives can cause permanent damage to your body.

For example, some sex toy materials contain the following toxins:

Phthalate: A known human carcinogen
Latex: Can cause deadly allergic reactions in some
Bisphenol A (BPA): Causes everything from low testosterone to cancer
Cadmium: Can cause neurological problems, gastrointestinal illness and cancer
In addition, some sex toy materials are more porous which can hide bacteria, yeast and viruses. As a result, you can end up with everything from a burning Urinary Tract Infection to HIV. So, sex toys are more expensive because they are safer for your body and your health while being more durable so you get more bang for your buck. Pun intended.