Fatadio showed a look of fainting and covered his chest exaggeratedly: "God, dear China Yi, you let me have no words. Is there anything in China that you can be proud of?"? God, I don't know how to answer your question. In short, if you grab a handful of soil on the land of China, there may be something on it that all Chinese people can be proud of. You really should make up for it. Jester, who was talking softly to Sally, was also attracted. He sat down beside Fatadio, smoked the bottle in his hand, killed half of it in one mouthful, stuffed it back and said, "Well, find something interesting to tell us." Fatadio didn't care about Jester's movements either. He grabbed the bottle and took a big mouthful. He showed off his knowledge and said, "Well, where do I start?"? Well, let's start with the oldest legend. Dear Yi, do you know why the Chinese are also called'descendants of the Yellow Emperor '? Easy dust dumbfounded, hurriedly shook his head to show that he did not know, Fei Li has smiled soft on the body of the easy dust, mercilessly secretly pinched the easy dust, easy dust gently patted her brain. Fatadio smiled and said in a mysterious low tone: "The so-called Yan and Huang are two great emperors with incredible power in a very ancient era of China. Well, they led a powerful country to control the most fertile land in the Central Plains and launched a killing campaign.." This, the specific process will not say anything, that is, after the defeat of Emperor Yan,Glass Cosmestic Containers, the Yellow Emperor, in order to completely conquer the world, and a great demon God who was a subordinate or ally of Emperor Yan, started a war. The demon God is called Chiyou. Jester said disdainfully, "Demon God?"? How good is he? Fatadio grinned and said, "Well, to be honest, it's just a legend. I don't know how powerful he is.". But it seems that in the last battle, which was in a place related to Sika deer,Glass Cream Jars, Chiyou used magic to fill the world with fog, and the Yellow Emperor got the help of the gods, got a car that could accurately point out the direction, and defeated Chiyou. Yi Chen said in a low voice, "The most primitive compass?" Fatadio rolled his eyes. "This myth took place at least ten thousand years ago.." There was a compass at that time, my God. Yi Chen was also stunned. Fatadio went on to say, "Finally, the Yellow Emperor dismembered Chiyou with his sword, because Chiyou could be resurrected infinitely. In order to prevent him from being resurrected, his body was pulled to the farthest place in all directions and discarded." Easy dust in the heart mercilessly a shock, can the infinite resurrection person? A monk with great power can indeed be resurrected infinitely, because as long as the primordial spirit exists, it can be constantly reborn, even to a legendary realm, as long as the primordial spirit is still there, the body has no meaning at all, he can directly extract the spirit between heaven and earth to form a new body in an instant.. After the easy dust, 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps ,Oil Dropper Bottle, the heart is cold and sweaty, where is what body is dismembered by five horses? Instead, the primordial spirit was completely scattered, the three souls and six souls were scattered after being separated, and the soul was completely scattered. This is clearly the bloody war between the monks in ancient times, no wonder there is the so-called help of God. Yi Chen smiled. "Fatadio, your story is so wonderful. Are there any other similar legends?" Fatadio proudly took a sip and thought for a long time, ready to think of some strange and wonderful material to show off, he suddenly laughed and said: "Aha, there is a wonderful legend.". In your history, there is a very famous, very good at fighting guy, called Zhang Liang, he was a rogue or hooligan when he was a child, and later met an old man.. Fatadio slowly told the legend of Zhang Liang, and Jester stared and asked him, "What's the name of that dead old man?"? Um. It's so mysterious. Fatadio thought for a moment. "It seems to be called a yellow stone, right?"? Yes, the Duke of Yellowstone. ” Yi Chen laughs: "Huang Shi Gong is the meaning of Huang Shi old man, but not what Duke." Yi Chen laughed mercilessly at Fatadio, but his smile suddenly stiffened, and the cold sweat in his heart flowed down again. In the Sutra Building of the Tianxing Sect, he had read that among the monks who had risen smoothly in the last thousand years, there was a senior of the Daode Sect, called Huangshi Taoist. Yi Chen softened his facial expression and smiled bitterly in his heart: "How is it possible? How does it sound that these people and things are all related to the monks?"? I don't care about him, just listen to the story. Talking all the way, Fatadio had limited ink about China in his stomach, and he could not find an explanation before the train arrived near Beijing. Through the car window, Yi Chen looked out of the window at the vast plains, crisscrossing paths, people coming and going, and occasionally the sound of cocks crowing and dogs barking came into Yi Chen's keen ears. Yi Chen watched and listened to all this, at a loss in his heart. In the end their ancestors, what they did, what they did, Yi Chen from Fatadio's mouth, or did not get even the most vague image. Yi Chen deeply knows that his blood comes from China, but the only Chinese people he has really come into contact with are his own school and the monks of Daode Sect, Wuxing Sect, Dun Jia Sect and so on. He simply can't feel a sense of identity with China from the bottom of his heart. This kind of feeling, as if you know that a generous, loving woman is your mother, when you are eager to get her caress, but there is a layer of inexplicable diaphragm, the heart is very confused and tasteless. In Section Chief Sun's office, he lit a cigarette and frowned: "Is this Yi Chen, who is in trouble, coming to Beijing?" Two of his subordinates nodded, and one of them replied, "Yes, Mr. Yi Chen, the section chief, and Fatadio, the senior aide to Mr. Plouffe,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, who is now the head of the Russian economic and trade delegation, came to Beijing together.". According to our analysis, there is nothing harmful about him. What happened in Shanghai was entirely a personal vendetta and abuse of power by Long Fei. 。 penghuangbottle.com