Du Ruili blinked, shrugged his shoulders, and answered lightly, "I forgot.". But we've talked so much, and I still don't know your name. Would you like to introduce yourself? She changed the subject. "My name is Rui Kai." Rui Kai looked at her thoughtfully before answering. Rui Kai? What a coincidence! She beamed and cried, "My name is Ruila, Du Ruila.". What's your last name? "Du Ruila?" Rui Kai hit a sudden in his heart? How could it be so coincidental? The nymphomaniac interviewed in the company in the morning is also called Du Ruili. Are there really so many people with the same name in the world? Unexpectedly, he met two Du Ruili in two hours. But wait a minute. She said she was going for an interview before, and Rui's enterprise happened to be on the other side of the road, she. "You said you were going to an interview. Which company are you going to interview?" He asked incredulously. "Rui's Enterprises." Rui Kai narrowed his eyes slightly, and now he finally figured out what had happened. He said, how could a company as big and as old as Ruiz let a nymphomaniac with no ink pass the first round of the exam? Although other women are like the nymphomaniac girl, the drunken man's intention is not to drink, but somehow they also know how to be reserved and taboo, unlike the nymphomaniac girl who lost her brain and reason as soon as she saw him. It turns out that she is a fake, and the real Du Ruili is the girl in front of her. "What's the matter?" His expression was so strange that she couldn't help asking. Rui's Enterprise is a very big company. I heard that if you want to get into that company, you have to go through several hurdles. You have to go through five passes and six generals before you can get in. You are very powerful. Du Ruili shook his head. "I only passed their written test. I failed the second stage of the interview." She smiled bitterly. "You missed the interview because of an accident, not because you failed." "Whatever the reason, it is a fact that I was eliminated in the second stage." "Do you want to come to work in my company?" He asked. "Huh?" I run a small company in partnership with a friend, and now the company is short of an assistant. Would you like to come to work in my company? Although it is not big, in fact, it should be said that it is very small, because there are only two members so far, that is, my friend and me. But I can assure you that the benefits it has will not be inferior to those of large companies, and may even be even better. Would you like to consider it? Du Ruili looked at him in amazement, with a bewildered expression on his face. All this has come too suddenly! He said to her so suddenly, how can she answer? The most important thing is that although they have met twice, they are still strangers to both sides after all. How can he expect her to believe what he said? And why did he believe that she was qualified for a position in his company? "You don't have to give me the answer right now. I'll give you the address, phone number and name of my company. After you think about it, you can call me and give me the answer. Of course, Pallet rack supplier , if you want to visit my small company in person, you're always welcome there." As he spoke, he picked up the napkin on the table, pulled out the pen from his chest pocket, wrote a string of words on the paper, and handed it to her. "Will you consider it?" Du Ruili looked at the words on the napkin and nodded. "How much do you want?" She looked at him in astonishment. "Will we talk about this now?" She didn't know what to say. "Give me a figure for reference. Bi Jing, this is the first time we've hired an assistant. I don't know what the market for assistants in Taiwan is right now." "I'm not quite sure, but the company's advertising column says 25,000." Twenty-five thousand? So few? "Is twenty-five thousand very little?" She remembered that there seemed to be a report on the TV news that the starting salary of college graduates seemed to be 25,000. "It seems that there are many kinds of assistants, and 25,000 is probably the lowest-ranking assistant, such as a business assistant, a clerical assistant, and so on." So that's it. But I still think NT 25,000 yuan is too little. I'll give you NT 30,000 yuan. After the three-month probation period, if there are no problems, I'll give you another NT 5,000 yuan. After that, you'll get a raise every six months, starting at NT 2,000 yuan each time. What do you think? Du Ruili stared at him, completely speechless. "Too little?" "What about a raise that starts at NT 3,000 yuan?" She still stared at him without moving. Or do you think a starting salary of 30,000 yuan is too little? What about thirty-five thousand? Or do you want forty thousand? "You.." "How?" 「…… Are you crazy? Three black lines slipped down Rui Kai's face. She ignored his charming male charm all the time, and now she thinks he's crazy! She is really the woman sent by God to break his self-confidence. "I'm not crazy. I'm normal and sober." He said to her very seriously. No one would offer a social freshman who just graduated from university more than 30,000 yuan, let alone 5,000 yuan after a three-month probation period. What you're saying is very much like a human smuggling group swindling an ignorant girl. What your company is doing is not illegal, is it? She stared at him warily. Rui Kai's jaw dropped completely, and after staring at her tongue-tied for a long time, he burst out laughing. "Ha ha ha.." He couldn't stop laughing, even though all the customers in the shop were staring at him, because it was so funny, so funny. "Hey, keep your laughter down. People are looking at you." Du Ruili could not help but reach out and pull his sleeve and whisper. I.. Ture No way out He opened his mouth with difficulty in laughter, but the volume was a little restrained. "What joke did I say that made you laugh like that?" She asked with a slight frown. "I just think you're incredible." Rui Kai finally suppressed a smile and stared at her with shining eyes. "I'm incredible?" She was stunned. 'Yes. Don't you feel it yourself? She shook her head. "What's so incredible about me?" 。 omracking.com