Andrew? Garfield found With children, there are really infinite possibilities. Of course, the most important thing is happiness, the most simple and simple happiness, sunshine smile, the real owner is the children who have no parents in front of them. After eating snacks, Will went to get an acoustic guitar. Li Junyi did not choose a place, but sat on the grass, bathed in the afternoon sunshine, plucked the strings, and began to sing with the children. Today for Leo? Ou said It's a bad day. Because of dozing off, Li Junyi was lost-he was a paparazzi. Although it is said that everyone has lost Li Junyi, he has disappeared from everyone's sight when there is a Xi xiǎo. But the editor-in-chief doesn't care about this. What they want is the news, that is, the breaking point. They should have what others have, and if they have what others don't have, that's the best. This is the so-called exclusive. So, even if everyone has "lost" Li Junyi, it will not be a reason for the editor-in-chief to have a good face. Leo? Ooh, just like all the paparazzi. He began to use all the resources he had at hand to try to find out where Li Junyi was. It's frustrating to drive around the city, calling one after another, but no news at all. Randomly parked on the side of the road a block away, Leo? O didn't even look at the name of the block. Light a cigarette,heavy duty racking system, look out the window at the glare of the sun, and give yourself at least one cigarette break. Between puffs, Leo? Ou heard the sound of children singing children's songs. It is also mixed with a lot of laughter, presumably it should be a Xixiǎo district nursery, kindergarten with children playing. Leo? Ow. Drive Mmén, looked around, anyway, looking for Li Junyi is not a moment and a half will be able to find, as a walk to relax,Narrow aisle rack, walk along the sound. Behind a wall of green trees, a group of lovely children sat on the grass, clapping their hands and singing. This song is just the most common children's songs in the United States. "A. Diller. A. Dollar", "" five. Little. Pigs "," and "London. Bridge. Is. Falling. Down" "are sung in a tender voice, beating the rhythm, which makes people smile involuntarily at the corners of their mouths. In a high-pitched voice of children, but also mixed with the voices of two men, although they also try to raise the voice, but in a high-pitched voice of children or a stand out. Leo? Ou looked to his left. First, I saw a tall figure, a little familiar, but I couldn't recognize it. He was clapping his hands and counting with the children. Sometimes I saw a side face, Leo? Ou subconsciously wanted to see who it was. Why does it look so familiar, but then the face turns away and you can't see clearly. Sitting on the grass next to him was a big boy, wearing a hot library s sè shirt and holding an old acoustic guitar in his arms, long span shelving ,heavy duty warehouse rack, just like a country singer. Afternoon. The sunlight fell through the branches of the forks, falling mottled spots of light on the green grass, and the oxygen factors jumping under the light turned green. Spots of light also fell on all the children and the two boys. The boy sitting on the ground could only see a quarter of his side face, a perfect chin arc, and a brown sè curly hair. From this angle, he could faintly see the arc of his mouth. That kind of eye-catching charm, even if it was only one side, was still amazing. Leo? Ou was stunned. Is the person in front of him the Li Junyi he is looking for? It's not a coincidence, is it? The children's voices were loud and clear, shouting out the tune, clearly out of tune to Washington, but the laughter in the song was always distracting, and they could not help but want to drift their eyes to the source of the laughter. Leo? Ou took two steps to the right. Try to see the faces of the two boys clearly, and your doubts will be answered. Two steps, two more steps, two more steps. Leo? Ou is a little stupefied "This.." He was surprised that his jaw could not be closed. It was not until the cigarette between his right finger had burned out and burned his finger that he came to his senses. It was Andrew who was beating the beat with the children on the grass? Garfield As a paparazzo, how can he not know this new star, as a child star, Andrew? Garfield's debut is much longer than Li Junyi's. 。 But Leo? Oh, for Andrew ? Garfield, learn more. , mainly from the "Sheji Jiāo Network". As an entertainment reporter knows, during the filming of the film, Lee Jun-yi and Andrew? Garfield became a good friend. They often go out to play together, including after the movie was finished, and they often see each other. And the one sitting on the grass, with brown sè curly hair, is not Li Junyi. At this time, his hairstyle is still the same as that in "Sheji Jiāo Network", which looks a little dull. The slender fingers are glittering and translucent by the sunshine, turning dexterously on the strings; the happy smile becomes clean and pure in the children's laughter; the mouth is singing American children's songs with the notes of his fingertips, without skills, intonation or emotion, just simply enjoying the happiness brought by children's songs, that's all; The sun made a halo around his handsome face, and for a moment, Leo? Ou really thinks The young man in front of us is an angel. I don't know if it's because the afternoon sun is too bright, or because there's too much nicotine in cigarettes, or because I'm allergic to gasoline after driving around today, Leo? Ou was completely absorbed by the picture in front of him. 。 Children, handsome boys, sunshine, guitar, grass, everything is so simple but perfect, do not need too much decoration, this is a picture. There are no gorgeous amusement facilities, no colorful acrobatic performances, no complicated Transformers, just a guitar, changing all kinds of smiles under the fingertips of Li Junyi,radio shuttle racking, from children, from Andrew? Garfield Escaping from the corners of Li Junyi's mouth and dissipating in the sunshine, everything in this afternoon seems to have been cast magic.